Feel Without Fear
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Intuitive self-awareness for a new paradigm of consciousness

Experience yourself without judgment.
Generate relationships in harmony.
Act and speak with an open heart.

In every professional or personal situation, your integrity to your heart puts you in an intuitive, leading position. You’re already equipped to function intuitively. Learn profoundly simple, intuitive tools of clarity to communicate through your heart in a new paradigm of relating to one another personally and globally.

Connection through the heart is what’s common among us. Living with this connection as a priority changes the world to honor all forms of life.

Clarity, Integrity, Presence
Kerri Lake guides and teaches pragmatic tools of self-realization from personal experience and pure consciousness.

1-1 With Kerri

You are evolving into higher consciousness. You are ready to walk in a new way, to live beyond old conflicts. You are supported by your innate connection with life, and the love that holds the world together.

Listen to a conversation about how people relate to others…whether they are horses or human or any other species.

“Not only is Kerri Lake the author of one of my favorite books, Listen Like a Horse, but hearing her words is like plucking jewels out of the ocean; full of learnings and understanding of horses and humans alike that I think you will find enriching and transformational.

In this episode, we discuss ways to develop your sensory awareness, what our horses are communicating to us through feeling and expression and ways to develop relationships with compassion, kindness, and acceptance.”


Education For Harmony With Life

GoH (Generation Of Harmony) offers an education to understand and communicate with one another in a new way. The Tools For An Awakening World build a foundation for consistency by organizing the mind’s awareness to notice and work with sensory information from the body. When awareness is organized in this way, the body and mind respond immediately through changes in sensory feedback. Conflict between the mind and body dissolves.

By generating a friendship of the mind, the body and the heart, the familiar analysis/fear/reaction cycle loses its grip on how we function. We become free and empowered to act from higher states of consciousness in everyday situations. This freedom facilitates communication with presence and wisdom of the heart.

Sensory awareness benefits the wellness of relationships in all walks of life. People are empowered to work together with this new approach to communication. Everyone's skill and intellect can then be applied from a common foundation of harmony.


Where You Are Headed

You are opening your mind and your heart, freeing yourself from old patterns and constraints. You are not denying anything going on around you, but arising to express your greatest self right through it all. You are transcending what seemed at one time to be insurmountable barriers and limitations.

You are recognizing and claiming your accessibility and ability to function from the always-regenerating source of creativity - your own unique Creator Essence. In all walks of life, in all that you do, as you reclaim and embody the ease of expression that is your birthright, watch the outside world shift to complement you. Watch your relationships open to the purity of love. 

You are much, much more than you have been taught. 

  • Navigate your emotions with grace

  • Feel without fear

  • Listen through resistance

  • Collaborative relationships

  • Compassionate Communication

  • Live life without judgment

  • All-species consciousness

The tools are invaluable in everyday life and make it much more playful. The best thing is that it is really simple...
— H.B., London, UK

"You know it because you FEEL it."

There are simple tools that accelerate your clarity, empower you dissolve anxiety, navigate stress, feel your own heart, and create loving relationships.  You know it because you FEEL it.

GoH (Generation Of Harmony) offers an education to understand and communicate with one another in a new way, one where empathy provides information without overwhelm.

Playing with the tools Kerri presented to us gave me valuable insights and ways to take action towards the true me.
— - K.O., Encinitas, CA