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Communicating with animals is far more than just communicating with animals. It is an innate skill, a language of presence inviting heart-based communication that's effective in every area of life.
Communicating with animals is far more than just communicating with animals. It is a language of presence that transcends linear human speech. It is a skill that enhances and expands your ability to interact and communicate in every area of your life.

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2014 Healing With Horse Tele-Summit Kickoff Call with Guest, Kerri Lake

March 3rd marked the kickoff of this year's 3-week telesummit program created and facilitated by Dr Jenn of Healing With Horse. While the program is geared toward those who work professionally in the areas of equine facilitated therapies and education, people from all walks of life find inspiration and guidance in the coaching and conversations. There are calls scheduled every weekday evening for 3 weeks beginning March 10th. Please click here to learn more and purchase the series for yourself so you can listen at your leisure. 
October 1st, A Shamanic Life with John Carosella interviews Kerri Lake, a conversation about Listen Like A Horse

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"There Is No More Bad News! - This audio file walks you through basic tools of awareness that allow you to access your connection with creator consciousness and dissolve all that no longer serves you!

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UK Radio Interview Replay
The Spirit Hour's Diane Green talks with Kerri Lake
Interview Replay
Bonnie Marlewski-Probert of Whitehall Publishing talks with Kerri Lake
"What's the value of horses and animals in this kind of work?"
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Why Would I Connect With The Animal Kingdom?
This audio segment shares perspectives that open new thoughts for who we are in relation to animals, invoking new ways of understanding ourselves and each other. Click Here to listen or download free of charge. 
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Leadership Is In The Vibration  ...Click Here to watch

Sharing Clarity And Assistance For Fluidity 

In A New Paradigm Of Consciousness.

Clearing The Way For Your Integration And Embodiment of Your Divine Nature

You are not broken! Open awareness to your vibratory nature and you open perpetually new doors to fluidity, fruition and loving relationships. Embody your natural state and reclaim your health, wholeness and total well-being. 

Integration In A Whole New Paradigm

Where We Are Going
Humanity communicates on sensory levels at all times, and each one has a unique level of awareness of that communication. As we become more aware of our sensory communication, we find new clarity and ease as we relate to ourselves and the world around us. Harmony is not a state where everything is always comfortable and still; it is a dynamic state where all are in communion with one another and all are received for who they truly are. The animal kingdom lives in this kind of harmony with each other and with all of nature.

As humanity evolves in consciousness, our communication becomes more and more based in the awareness of our senses. This is not for survival, but to facilitate sharing and expansion with simplicity and clarity. Data and information are honored as secondary to the heart with which they are delivered. Leaders of humanity communicate in clarity at levels where integrity is never in question. At this point in our evolution, we are awakening to the abilities that have always been with us but have gone largely without acknowledgment or conscious use. 

Expanding your awareness of our sensory communication encourages your unique emanation of Creator Consciousness. You come to a state where you know that you know what you know, and there is no fear of expressing the exquisiteness of what you know. You live in confidence. The animal kingdom is with you always, side-by-side, honoring and supporting  your expanding awareness of the creative expression you actually are. As you live your journey side-by-side with us, we honor you and love you completely.

Listen Like A Horse - Relationships Without Dominance
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Is it possible to listen without judgment? Is it possible to be a human in a relationship that does not include dominance or submission?

Listen Like A Horse is a narrative story about the time and interactions shared by Kerri and Cooper, a gifted gelding whose playful communications had been misunderstood and handled with dominance.   

Infused with perspectives and tools of communication between horses and people, the story invokes and reveals awareness and insight for relationships not just with animals, but with other people and within ourselves. 

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"Why do you work with horses and animals, Kerri? I don't understand how horses fit in to what you do..."

The core center of what I share is about Your Divine Nature, clearing the way to open your world for you to embody your fullest potential as an aspect of Creator Consciousness. Connection with the animal kingdom can be a very potent doorway to awareness of your Presence, your innate ability to sense, feel and communicate through your subtle (and not-so-subtle) senses. The animals are a presence that is absent of judgment and often provide an energetic environment that creates a sense of safety for people to open their hearts.
The animals assist us to remember our innate sensory communication, an exchange of vibration and presence. The events and playtime that we offer are all about going direct to presence, reactivating our awareness of our own presence through our bodies in the presence of animals. We can expand out into the rest of our lives AS that presence, whether we’re still with animals or not... Animals are and will always be with us, no matter where we go. It is the ending of separation from the animal kingdom, the welcoming of relationships without dominance, and living in the awareness of our natural state, no longer hiding ourselves from ourselves or the outside world.
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"Safe In Your Own Body"
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There is so much movement going on in this video, dissolving barriers, beliefs, and opening new space for more embodiment - the ending of dominating our own bodies as well!
How To Help Your Horse Feel Safe With You - over 380,000 views on YouTube!
"This goes so much deeper than horses..."
Private and Group Sessions available by phone, skype or in-person. Please see Coaching or Speaking for more info.
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Kerri Lake facilitates the expansion of harmony in any situation. Her unique connection with the animal kingdom is a doorway to perspectives that guide humanity to communication without judgment. She leads by example to a purity of expression that invites your unique style of leadership and rich  communication, integrating and embodying all that you truly are.  
"Kerri is an inspiration in allowing people and animals to be who they are and bringing out the best in them, by gently guiding us to our higher potential."  - Katja L
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I invite you to explore and expand your innate abilities to remember and communicate on sensory levels. Your connection with your own higher levels and with the other species who share our worlds is ever-present. You can let go of everything that has been made to be more important than who you truly are and embody the totality of your unique divine essence. 

The Animal Kingdom, the Elemental Kingdoms, and Off-Planet support are with you in partnership as you step forward in the evolution of consciousness, raising the vibration of human consciousness by embodying all that you are. They are evolving right beside you, celebrating you with every courageous step you take.

Times of discomfort and confusion are your higher levels gently guiding you toward your natural state of flourishment in life. Karma, suffering, earning and toiling are no longer necessary to realize new levels of awareness and communion. You can go direct through your awareness to integrate your higher levels through and into your physical world.

You are a brilliant light on this planet, just as you came here to be. With the support of all species, all forms of life, we welcome the greatest expression of you! 

That is what this is all about...using our capacities once we're awake! What does that feel like and really inviting it in and through our bodies! It's awesome...I'm amazed by the response every time someone shows up to play. There is a communication I facilitate, it's like a gift I've been given to share, that brings the mind, the body and all of you into the same conversation. 

The presence of the horses facilitates our awareness in the vibration of the absence of judgment, of love and equality. That space assists us to integrate new awareness and new ways of being in total friendship, ease and joy!
"This is where I've been wanting to go with all of my searching and seeking!"  - Shannon M
Eden is at the forefront of planetary consciousness, embracing the equality and wisdom of all kingdoms at a level of integration that is absent of judgment. There is space enough for all of us in our entirety at all times. Through honoring all who arrive, and giving them the opportunity to honor all others, we cultivate and nurture the highest energy we can achieve in harmony. Every one is a contribution. People travel from around the world to experience the recognizable sensation of equality between all species, to witness and participate in relationship to life, to remember the transformative magic of direct, loving honesty that is the heart of communion.

Do you know how beautiful your presence is?

Can you see your creation in action right now?

Would you like to?