Feel Without Fear

Experience yourself in harmony with nature…and bring your nature into everyday life.


This Is Your Nature

Be kind with your mind and know the experience of harmony.


Explore your awareness in this 5 day experience among animals, trees, water and people. Create a warm friendship between the mind and the body. Come to know the experience of living with an open heart.

Receive tools, guidance and support that were not taught in conventional schools - tools to navigate your senses, empathic abilities and your innate awareness. Bring your presence into every situation without needing to retreat or escape.


Remember the connection you knew as a child, supported in harmony with nature.


Human awareness is an innately creative force.

Organize awareness to prioritize your senses

Your own innate nature is something you feel. Nobody can tell you that you’ve “arrived,” nobody can know how your nature feels for you. Your nature is your intimate relationship with your heart and all of life.

This 5 day experience provides you with tools, support and guidance to know your nature in relationship with the nature you see all around you.

You already have the sensory system in place, and you can expand your ability to recognize sensory information. This event can help the mind feel safe in the experience of feeling. The tools help you learn to generate and re-generate the experience of harmony, of your nature in action, no matter where you are in life.

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Feel Without Fear

Sensory information is present even before the mind can draw a conclusion. Tools of awareness provide the foundation and navigation for you to recognize sensory information and apply intellect from that heartful, sensory foundation.

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Self-Validating Awareness

You were never meant to live in doubt of yourself or your senses. Meditation and mindfulness practices are a beginning to knowing just how beautifully designed your humanness actually is. Learn to listen through your heart. Nature joins you there.