Welcome to a new paradigm of assistance through Sensory Awareness


Created to integrate spiritual clarity with pragmatic expression 


Everyone is a facilitator. 

Tools For An Awakening World is not a modality or a system. It is a resource that continues to evolve with you. Your willingness to integrate these tools gives you far more than a structure, modality or system. With these tools you claim and integrate your innate access to your unique higher levels of consciousness. 

Welcoming these Tools into your consciousness activates a different way to organize your relationships and your thinking. It is a different way to relate to information, both sensory and linear information.

You feel a sense of harmony. Finding your personal navigation in the physical realm through sensory awareness, you begin to know the innate harmonic sense that moves through the natural world. It is your natural state of being.

Thank you so much for committing to your own journey! You are an irreplaceable facet of the whole, and you matter. 


With presence as the priority

Facilitating anyone or any project is about listening without barriers or judgments. Listening without judgment always reveals a direction of movement toward what works.   

A facilitative Presence generates movement and actions from a place of pure creation that fully supports long-term success and fruition in all ways. Any moment of Presence can open the way to clarity and insight fully congruent with Divine, Universal Intelligence.

Presence invites the love of Creation to happen in consideration of the whole of life.

each one does affect the whole


What makes these "new paradigm" tools?

The why and how.  

Why:  To honor the Divinity of Humanity so that these higher frequencies of love may be embodied through and as a physical expression

How:  By empowering each individual to know the sensory awareness of their own divinity in every situation, every walk of life and every relationship


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Ways To Engage

TOOLtorials Online

Short-term and long-term engagements for individuals and teams

3-Day TOOLtorials 

Each day includes guidance and facilitation through the three basic Tools. To make it relevant, there is a focus for each day's journey:

  • Day 1 - Tools For Your Self
  • Day 2 - Tools For Your Clients
  • Day 3 - Tools For Your Relationships 

1-Day TOOLtorials 

A more basic transmission of the Tools to activate this level of consciousness

In-Context Event

A customized delivery of the Tools to speak directly to your group. This is a wonderful option for teams, families, communities and leaders to make this new paradigm of consciousness very pragmatic and congruent in your immediate world. 


Why This? Why Now?

Humanity has an unprecedented opportunity at this time in all of history. Teachings for thousands of years have guided the spiritual growth and expansion of Humanity. For these same thousands of years, individuals in groups both small and large have listened to the teachings, taken them to heart and have assisted to steer the consciousness of Humanity back toward a living, breathing connection with all of life.

For thousands of years we have been dancing in an experiment to see whether Humanity, given free will to either create or destroy would move toward Creation or Self-destruction. Previously, Humanity took the experiment to destructive conclusions...several times. This time in all of history is unprecedented, ripe with new opportunities for new outcomes because this time...

...humanity is moving toward love. 



How do we know Humanity won't relapse into "darkness"? 

Can you see and feel how many individuals, from all walks of life, are looking around differently, blinking their eyes and beginning to say out loud, "There is a better way"?

The brilliance is in how many are saying it out loud...and taking action. 

Consider that humanity previously would literally tear each other apart for mentioning words or concepts that were, at the time, considered evil, heretic, or in some way a threat to the ruling structures. 

Notice that, while there are still behaviors going on around the planet that are not honoring of love, compassion or a communion with all of life, notice how and where those who are awakening are able to connect with one another despite the conflicts. Notice the light... 

Stepping into the light, or in other words into a new paradigm, is not a denial that the "dark" still exists. Of course it still exists. The difference now is that while the dark exists, we can step into the light without restriction, without limitation.

This is truly what it is to be unlimited. 


We Are Creating A New Way

A. Individual or Group Sessions 

  • Assistance to accelerate your clarity
  • Generate harmony in all areas of life
  • Clear the way for the greatest expression of all that you create
  • Invite beautiful relationships and watch them grow and flourish

B. Email Assistance Ongoing (monthly fee)

  • Email individual questions up to twice per month
  • Available to individuals who have attended an event or worked directly with Kerri

C. Live Video Events

  • Contact us to receive announcements

D. Online TOOLtorial Ongoing (in development)

  • Currently available to those who have attended an event or worked directly with Kerri

E. Custom Events For Your Group

  • Click the button to the left or use the Contact Form here to request a custom program that addresses your group directly. 



Mind, Watch The Body...


There is tremendous courage in your willingness to engage with things as they are, without judgment. Engaging with what IS brings your awareness into congruency with the physical world. Your body is the instrument of sensory awareness in the physical. Start by engaging with the consciousness moving through your body. 

Breaking Energy


Thoughts and judgments of humanity have created a general atmosphere of conflict in the emotional realms. You were never meant to be at the mercy of the ambient emotional weather. Know the sense, the tone of your own unique Presence, and you are free to see the emotional weather for what it is and navigate through it with grace.



You have sensory abilities beyond what is taught even in most spiritual modalities. Many teachings will help you see what they see - here, we want to direct your awareness to HOW you see. As you become aware of your own functional sensory-creator generative abilities, you feel your own expansion through all that you do, create and share. 

A New Way To Be

Tools For An Awakening World provide ways to access your innate, expansive connection to the levels of Creation where humanity is already working as a whole. Your unique expression, your unique awareness, your unique Presence are the greatest contribution you can possibly bring to all that you do. 

Tools For An Awakening World also provide you with a guidance system to share with others immediately. The Tools exclude no other modality or teaching, and in fact, this level of awareness and consciousness open the way for every other teaching and tool to become more potent, more valuable. The idea is not to create a bunch of facilitators who wield the Tools as the next latest and greatest self-help shtick...the idea is to empower each and every person who comes into contact with this level of awareness to know their own connection and their own innate ability to embody their highest levels of Creator Essence. 

The TOOLtorial is created in this way because at some point, you will outgrow these tools as your basic "kit" and begin creating your own. You will integrate these levels of consciousness and begin seeing yourself express in new ways, with new levels of awareness and confidence, new levels of your own Integration. You'll know it because you'll feel it. And you'll see all around you how the outside world can not help but respond to You being and becoming more of You. 

Ultimately, this being and becoming is the greatest facilitative Presence. Every member of humanity is on the journey back to the heart. Step onto the fast track for your clients, your family, and ultimately your Self as we all walk each other home to the heart. The further you go, the further I go, the further we all go. 

And what a beautiful world this is!



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