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For myself, science was one of my best friends. It provided me with a sense of stability, somewhere I could turn to make sense of things when I was young. A scientific organization of information about the outside world provided comfort...until I had questions that science wasn't able to address. I tried for many years to remain loyal to science, but my heart continued to draw me in undefinable directions. Still, science clearly is not going away. I had to find a new way to relate to and understand what science can contribute and where it truly is an inappropriate tool. 

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What Science Can Study...And What It Can't (yet)

At one point I held science up on a pedestal. It produced a way of  seeing the world that fit together...except when it didn't. But even then, there was the assurance that everything will fit, we just didn't yet know how. This is a way of organizing and understanding the world that we might call a scientific paradigm.

Anglesea, Wales

Anglesea, Wales

What Questions Are You asking?

Just as science puts forth questions and then looks to answer them. a new paradigm of consciousness also moves forward with the prompt of questions. For eons we've been taught to formulate questions that science can address - but this may not be the way to welcome insight and clarity from consciousness. 

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How To Let Science Support You

Stepping into a new paradigm is receiving support, guidance and clarity from every level of consciousness. After all, this benevolent Universe is open to every opportunity for you to flourish. You may find interactions where others would demand a scientific explanation where none exists. How do we walk through that one? 


**I have no affiliation with these resources and intend no particular endorsement. I just want people to have awareness and access to the conversations happening on the planet that are raising awareness and consciousness on behalf of all Humanity. If there is a resource you feel we might include here, please let us know!**

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Consciousness Healing Initiative (CHI)


What Science Can Study, And What It Can't...yet...

Dr Emoto's work reveals that water responds to vibration generated by various sources and various tones.

Dr Emoto's work reveals that water responds to vibration generated by various sources and various tones.

According to Wikipedia, and I totally concur, Science is "a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions to understand the universe."

The key word in there is "testable". If there is a perception that a bit of information can not be tested, the assumption is then that it does not fit into a scientific explanation. 

Most of the time information not given a scientific stamp-of-approval is considered to be "untrustworthy." If it can't be measured and organized, it is not to be trusted in a scientific paradigm.

There is no problem with that, actually. That is the way science works! Science describes what IS. Creating is another thing entirely.

As we expand our consciousness and begin to embody more and more of our own higher levels of consciousness, we get to see and experience that which can not be measured or organized in any commonly repeatable way.   


Do I require science to know the sense of truth and harmony? 


It's a wonderful question. The answer may be yes. 

If I require science to back up my own senses, how wonderful it is that humanity is now applying a scientific paradigm to new states of awareness. But the studies still can't touch your ability to connect directly with Creation and your own divine levels of consciousness. 


Humanity created science. It was humanity's study and discovery of the outside world that led to any desire to organize and categorize information. Humanity, by observation, began comparing and contrasting what they saw. From this intrigue, patterns formed in awareness and informed the way further study was approached. Further study is always influenced by results of previous study. This is why science can not study all that you are and your innate ability to connect outside of space and time - there is no precedent for the awareness you have today. Today you are a brand new expression, different from yesterday, different from the previous moment...unless you are held in a static place by force of will or structure. 

Science can study repetition, patterns, conclusion, observations. It is a total celebration of how we engage with our world. It can study anything that already has a foundation of information within its catalogs. And what a gift to humanity this is. So many would never be available to new experiences, new awareness, new treatments, new anything without the foundation of a scientific paradigm having studied it and found where it fits in the organization of our understanding of the Universe. 

Science can not study what you sense, though. Your innate connection with Universal awareness, with the movement of consciousness through your own heart, this is the generative source of how Creation comes to be in the physical form. So in other words, your consciousness is always out in front of science, creating something new. It is the nature of Creation to expand beyond what it currently knows of itself. This is kind of the whole point of creating! To go beyond our Selves. 

As Humanity continues to embody their own divine levels of consciousness, the way science is used, the questions being asked, the awareness of what the conclusions point to will all continue to expand and grow. The key to the evolution of science is the evolution of consciousness in Humanity. New consciousness generates new awareness. Science will always be there to back it up, but it needs You to step out ahead and blaze the trail. 


What Questions Are You Asking?

And which paradigm would love to answer your questions?

One Or The Other

An old paradigm loves the certainty in polar opposites. It's right or it's wrong. It's good or it's bad. It's yes or it's no. 


  • Is this direction good for me?

  • Will I be happy if I do this?

  • Am I doing the right thing?


How Do I Know?

A scientific paradigm loves to provide explanations and comfort. Everything fits somewhere, unless it doesn't, and even then, we know it will fit at some point.


  • How long will this take?

  • What can I expect?

  • What does this mean?

I wonder...

A new paradigm opens the space for awareness. There may be no answers and there may not be a direct meaning to anything. But they will always lead to further clarity.


  • What is the truth here?

  • Why am I doing this?

  • What do I actually enjoy?

All of the questions you might ask are honored. None is more correct or incorrect. Psychology and other studies have shared the concept of "open-ended" questions, or "leading" questions. We're not trying to define any type of question here. This exploration is simply a guide to awareness of what kinds of questions will tap into different paradigms, or ways of organizing and understanding the world around us. Be aware of the questions you are asking so you can be accessible to the clarity of the response. 

As with all explorations, let your awareness be with the movement and feel in your body. The more you dance and play with that priority, just like developing a new relationship with another person, your heart opens more and more to receive the communication and guidance without judgment. You are welcoming an intimate and loving relationship between your mind, your body and YOU, so that all aspects of you are moving together in the same conversation, in the same direction. You know it because you can feel the sense of harmony moving through your body, even in times when there seem to be no answers.

This fluid sense is the guidance that is your birthright. Using and sharing these tools can accelerate the journey and clear the way. 


Let Science Support You

Is my expression supporting science or is the expression of science supporting me?


If we are going to look to science to provide proof and comfort for our evolution, then we are put in a position of grooming our awareness to fit into a scientific structure. By repetition, our thoughts will conform to a particular rhythm or focus. In effect, our thinking becomes an instrument of scientific design. 

Expressing Uniqueness In A World That Demands Proof

To let science support you rather than the other way around, acknowledge what science is and what it is not.

Science IS a system that can organize and describe what we experience in the world, and it can predict what else we might experience. 

Science is NOT a system that creates what has never before been experienced. 

The security and predictability that science offers is a tremendous benefit to a mind that only wants to help the body survive and life to continue. Let's not deny that for one moment. When it's time to step into a new paradigm of expression for one's Self, the information generated by science can absolutely help light the way, but it can not take you places it has not been before. Only you can go there. The assistance of science can open the door and walk you right up to it, but it can not walk through that door for you. 

The same is true for any facilitator at any level of consciousness. That is actually why we are here together - to assist and guide one another home to the heart in whatever expression calls to each unique individual. Science is an expression that calls to millions across the planet. What an honor it is to receive the information and use it for it's greatest contribution! 

Know why you are using the information and what your true priority is, and this is how to truly let science support your Creator essence in its greatest expression.  

So when the mind demands proof, let's guide it to find validation within and through its own innate systems, its best friends, the body and You. the body, because the body will never lie. 

Rather than a practice, consider making a priority of welcoming the intimate, loving friendship between the mind, the body and You. Your innate senses are always communicating from your Higher Levels of awareness. You can always check in with what science has also shared, both for reassurance as well as new ways of moving through the physical world. Ultimately, it's all good! 

Awakening is claiming your Divinity, and in doing that, you begin to know the felt-sense of being in the world but not of it. You begin to know and watch your own creation through the heart appear as you walk through everyday life. And because it's been created in the physical realm, science will now or one day support you with structures to know where and how it all comes together.