TOOLtorials Tools!

You've seen the short videos, now you get to hear and see more about the Tools, where they've distilled from and how diverse they are throughout all of consciousness. 

This is an area where your feedback is so valuable. As you come up with questions, comments or new ideas about the tools, please use your Community Resource to connect with me or other facilitators. Together we generate an exponentially expansive clarity that touches millions of people directly and indirectly.

Let's have some fun! 


Sections Include:

  • Supportive Short Videos
  • New Paradigm Tools
  • Mind, Watch The Body
  • Breaking Energy
  • Expand Your Presence


There is tremendous courage in your willingness to engage with things as they are, without judgment. Engaging with what IS brings your awareness into congruency with the physical world. Your body is the instrument of sensory awareness in the physical. Start by engaging with the consciousness moving through your body.


Thoughts and judgments of humanity have created a general atmosphere of conflict in the emotional realms. You were never meant to be at the mercy of the ambient emotional weather. Know the sense, the tone of your own unique Presence, and you are free to see the emotional weather for what it is and navigate through it with grace.


You have sensory abilities beyond what is taught even in most spiritual modalities. Many teachings will help you see what they see - here, we want to direct your awareness to HOW you see. As you become aware of your own functional sensory-creator generative abilities, you feel your own expansion through all that you do, create and share.


An awakened heart can not un-know itself. 


The purpose of the Tools is not to achieve one certain outcome. Because really, how could there be just one end-point to a journey of creating from an open heart in a physical realm? 


If you haven't done so already, consider taking a little journey through the internet when you search "new paradigm consciousness". As with every search, let your mind be aware of your body before you begin. The information that presents to you will occur to you differently when your mind, body and You are in the same place - when the mind is off trying to do everything on its own, information can present with a different tone. 

Supportive Short Videos

Connecting With Your Higher Levels

Understanding The Mind

Understanding The Body

Understanding Your Presence

New Paradigm Tools

Where did they come from?

Here are just a few modalities that have contributed to the existence of the Tools For An Awakening World:

  • Reiki/Qigong/Acupuncture
  • Buddhism/Catholocism/Religions
  • Rolfing
  • Alexander Technique
  • Feldenkrais
  • Meditation/Prayer
  • Animal Communication
  • Quantum Computing
  • Physics
  • Yoga
  • Star Trek
  • Direct Knowing/Communication
  • NLP
  • Biology/Physiology
  • Shamanism
  • Corporate Structure
  • Off-Planet Inspiration
  • Superman/X-Men
  • Economics/Capitalism
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Conjugate Wave Theory
  • Theta Healing
  • Nutrition
  • ...and more 

My unique journey has brought me into contact with these widely different areas of study and more. As early as age 4 I knew what energy work was, although I couldn't speak about it. When I was about 12 years old I became aware of monasteries, meditation and different ways of thinking. My source at that time was PBS and National Geographic. There was so much that felt totally familiar, and I had an innate understanding that I couldn't articulate. I just knew things. My parents would ask me how I know these things, and without an articulate way to answer them, I would say, "I must have read it somewhere." 

Today we can speak about it as having a broad and direct connection with consciousness, with my Higher Levels. Some might call it being spiritually gifted. Whatever the terminology is, the hardest part was learning how to communicate with Humanity in a way that complements everybody. 

These religions, ways of being, professions and realms of study seemed always to be taught with the phrase, "It takes a lifetime of study to master these techniques - these people have been doing this for 30 years or more..." At age 12 I wanted to know how all of these different things fit together. It was obvious to me that it all comes together, after all, life keeps happening! It was also obvious to me that if it takes 30 years to master any one of these things, that would limit me to have to choose a few over the others, and choosing just wasn't enough. So I began creating a new way... 

I began asking consciousness directly, "Show me where all of these realms of study are pointing in the same direction. Show me where they are all talking about the same thing...and then take me there." 


It took until now for me to be available to the clarity of the Tools, until now to walk through and clear out my own cellular debris and repetitive patterns. It took until now, me walking around too proud and too afraid to ask for help, or at times to know that "help" was even a thing that exists. It took until now to embody and share with you from an integrated sense of my own Presence. And now, here we are! 



What makes these "new paradigm" tools?

The why and how.  


Why:  To honor the Divinity of Humanity so that these higher frequencies of love may be embodied through and as a physical expression

How:  By empowering each individual to know the sensory awareness of their own divinity in every situation, every walk of life and every relationship


Very deliberately, there is no hierarchy to who can use the tools and who can not. The Tools are accessible to everybody equally, available to be utilized at whatever level of awareness and clarity at any given moment. 

There is no prescribed outcome, although the Tools will always guide you to clarity in your awareness and sensory communication, to an expanded sense of your Presence and expression of your divine nature. 

Participation in the TOOLtorials Online currently requires that you attend a 1-day or a 3-day event simply so that you have context for the information presented here. It would not necessarily complement someone with no sense of what the tools are about to expect them to assimilate this information. Ultimately, the Tools are created to Honor all of Humanity, one at a time. Because each One does affect the Whole. 


You are not broken. Humanity Is Not Broken. 


New paradigm tools acknowledge the divine wholeness of life and guide the awareness of Humanity to function from this wholeness. Treating anyone or any aspect of life as a brokenness actually perpetuates an old paradigm of judgment that says, "I see this as broken and it should not be broken." Without that mental decision of what should or should not be, we are free to step right into the Love that holds the world together and guide each other home to the heart in any context. 


The Way Rice Paper Covers Candy


Another death

And through the void

A new version of light


There is something different here

Watching the familiar dissolve

Complete in its delivery

The way rice paper covers candy.


At this auspicious time in consciousness, Humanity has an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate the embodiment of divine frequencies with grace and facilitation. 

Dance and play with how it feels to welcome more and more of your own true essence into, through and as your physical expression. Know the sense of carrying no consciousness other than your own connection with your Higher Levels, and share this with others. It is truly your birth right. 

Facilitating anyone or any project is about listening without barriers or judgment. In the absence of judgment, a direction of movement toward what works is always available.   

Listening in this way generates movement and actions from a place of pure creation that fully supports long-term success and fruition in all ways.

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