Tools Are For Everybody

There is no certification required. The whole point of these Tools is to empower you to be and become more of your true Self. How can anyone possibly certify you to be You? 

The TOOLtorials will however, provide you with guidance to integrate, apply and share the tools in various contexts, simply to honor all that presents. Arranged into five general categories, you will walk through levels of awareness, integrating many aspects of consciousness, relationships, science and sense. 

Use the navigation above or click here on any of the 5 sections to begin your journey. There is no correct way to travel, although each section will build upon the previous section. Please give yourself the freedom to explore or simply start at the beginning and move through at your own pace. 

Some of the information you may already know - I honor that and thank you for welcoming in this approach to simplicity! Along the way, feel how this may expand your own expression and feel how your expansion matters to the whole of consciousness, in all respects.

Each one does affect the whole. 



My awareness of sensory communication and etheric interactions began through my connection with the animal kingdom, the plants and etheric presences. In this section, I'll share how I walked through the transition from assisting animals to assisting humanity.

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There is information available in both spiritual and scientific contexts to draw parallels and describe relationships between science and spirituality. In this section we'll explore a few different roads that all lead to the same expression of love...your Presence.

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We will go through each of the three basic tools you see on the Tools For An Awakening World page of this site. We will bring together several other concepts and Presences to expand your awareness and understanding with grace and ease. The mind wants to know why and how, so let's give it some integrated data and information.


As you receive and integrate the tools for yourself, you become more and more accessible to the fluidity of love. In this ambiance, your creativity makes itself obvious. This section will provide you with some ways to consider sharing and applying tools in-context with other people. Ultimately, you will create your own expression. This is simply a resource to guide the way. 



Invariably, you will have more questions. Those you share with will have more questions. Your responses come with fluidity when your priority is your own Presence. For the times when awareness seems fuzzy, for the times when you wish you had some idea how to address a question you've never considered before, this section offers some pragmatic guidance. 

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