The World Of Consciousness

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People make it into such a mystery. Science wants to define consciousness, millions seek to have it. Many think that it's a proprietary result of their own methodology and use it to dominate others who have a different awareness of life. 

For the purposes of our playtime together, let's just say that consciousness is One's awareness of One's Self and the world around us. 

A paradigm is a way of understanding and relating to what we know, find and engage with throughout life. As humanity evolves, paradigms shift. The way Humanity relates to and understands the expression of life changes. 

At this time in all of history, Humanity is watching a paradigm shift that has been deliberately created. Not all have been deliberately creating, but those who have are now seeing the fruits of their dedication to life on this planet without self-destruction. Since the original separation from the Whole of Creation there have been some individuals who are unaware and participating in conflict, competition and domination of their environment. There have also been those who are aware of the separation actively dedicated to restoring the wholeness, the communion of Humanity with all of life. Shamans, seers, mystics and their peers in all cultures felt a knowing, an uninterrupted connection with all that is. I'm going to call it Divinity. After all, that is one of the best words we have to describe the grace and ease of being that has no judgment and is constantly aligning, realigning and restructuring for each individual to flourish no matter what the circumstance. 

There is a tremendous simplicity to awakening. It's not always easy, but it is simple. 

As you dance through these resources, let yourself be aware of how you feel as you read, watch and listen. We are not going to give you answers necessarily, but instead provide you with awareness and information that can spark and accelerate your own knowing of how life excludes nothing and brings all aspects together when give the space to function naturally. 

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