The World Of Consciousness

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People make it into such a mystery. Science wants to define consciousness, millions seek to have it. Many think that it's a proprietary result of their own methodology and use it to dominate others who have a different awareness of life. 

For the purposes of our playtime together, let's just say that consciousness is One's awareness of One's Self and the world around us. 

A paradigm is a way of understanding and relating to what we know, find and engage with throughout life. As humanity evolves, paradigms shift. The way Humanity relates to and understands the expression of life changes. 

At this time in all of history, Humanity is watching a monumental paradigm shift that has been deliberately created. Not all of us have been deliberately creating, but those who have been are now seeing the fruits of their dedication to life on this planet without self-destruction. Since the original onset of ego, domination and separation from the Whole of Creation there have been some individuals who are unknowingly perpetuating conflict, competition and domination of their environment. There have also been those who are totally aware, who can see conflict for what it is and are actively dedicated to restoring the wholeness, the communion of Humanity with all of life. Shamans, seers, mystics and their peers in all cultures feel a knowing, an uninterrupted connection with all that is. I'm going to say that "all that is" is the same as Divinity. After all, that is one of the best words we have to describe the grace and ease of being that has no judgment and is constantly harmonizing, aligning, realigning and restructuring for each individual to flourish no matter what the circumstance. 

There is a tremendous simplicity to awakening. It's not always easy, but it is simple. 

As you dance through these resources, let yourself be aware of how you feel as you read, watch and listen. We are not going to give you answers necessarily, but instead provide you with awareness and information that can spark and accelerate your own knowing of how life excludes nothing and brings all aspects together when give the space to function naturally. 

An Old Paradigm

An old paradigm is built from conflict.

It's built from a sense of "us vs. them", "winner take all", "I take what I want", "light and dark", "good and bad." An old paradigm is founded in a polarized, dualistic sense of opposites. There is a seminal suggestion that in all things there must be a necessary choice of one side or the other. 

This paradigm has been very real, very justified and dense for thousands of years. The physical world is built on magnetics, a system of opposite charges. The push and pull of the solar system and galaxies, the relationships of magnetic poles and lay lines through the planet, the interactions of subatomic particles are all defined by polarized charges of positive and negative. It's a measurable phenomenon. 

Sensing An Old Paradigm

  • Judgment
  • Can't let go
  • Need to justify
  • Fear
  • Survival
  • Emotions
  • "Yeah, but..."

An old paradigm becomes easier to recognize as we step out of it. For many, trying to see an old paradigm is like asking a fish to see water. There has been so much repetition, so much training in cause and effect, so much apparent evidence that the world is divided into opposites that many can not yet see beyond that. 

Our part is not to vilify an old paradigm in any way. because that would just be participating in the same old paradigm. Instead, we have the opportunity to feel, to sense a new way and walk straight into it with a new engagement with Universal support. 

Sensing A New Paradigm

  • Compassion
  • Assisting one another
  • Collaboration
  • "Yes...and..."
  • Attention to nature
  • Gratitude
  • Structural changes
  • Communication

A New Paradigm

A new paradigm can be felt before it is defined. It is accessible through the heart. Without continuously enforcing conflict by repeating a familiar polarized state of being, the innate harmony of nature reveals itself. Humanity is designed to function in harmony with the natural world. It is our natural state of being, and that capacity has never left this species. A new paradigm of consciousness sees value in moving away from the conflict, deliberately toward harmony. 

A new paradigm is no longer bound by the prophesies and cyclical cycles predicted by the ancients. This truly is a new time in all of Creation! How do you know? Begin to tune in. Use your innate abilities to listen to how the whole world felt just 25 years ago and how it feels now. Then tune again to 15 years ago. 10 years ago. Even 2 years ago the whole world was a different place. You have the ability. The difficult part is walking through the forest of familiar thoughts and paying no attention, your awareness instead keyed onto the sense of how this world, this Universe feels today at its most congruent level. 

This approach to listening isn't taught very much yet, but it is natural and you do have the ability. Part of why we can have this conversation now is that consciousness has actually shifted to the degree that this kind of awareness and information is accessible to the masses. Historically, only the elite, the religious and political powers, even secret groups held the knowledge to access these frequencies of consciousness. In a new paradigm, consciousness is open source. It's available to everyone who wishes to be aware. 

If you'd like evidence of a new paradigm, open your heart to listen for it. Let it touch you. Let it make itself obvious to you. 

A Paradigm We've Never Seen Before

Never before has all of Humanity had access to communicate with one another the ways we do now. The internet makes it possible for people to come together in ways far beyond what's sanctioned by governing bodies. This access to one another is now considered one of the greatest priorities among the widest range of people in all walks of life. 

Beyond the physical access to one another, what's truly new is what people are wanting to share with one another. 

For thousands of years the system of cause and effect, the karmic grid was so dense and thick that arising beyond it was nearly impossible. The only ones capable of stepping beyond the magnetic pull of survival, of domination and greed were those we now speak of as avatars, shamans and prophets. These unique beings awakened to their own true nature and walked in purity through the intense interactions of their time to show Humanity a different way of being. 

Today this access to a different way of being is available to everyone. Consciousness has opened, the karmic grid is dissolved and no longer has the magnetic effect that it once did. No longer is humanity bound to a repetition of cycles - the coming of a golden age no longer dictates the inevitability of a dark age. The light can continue to arise rather than fall back into darkness. Humanity has created this together, as one species. It's unanimous. 

Even though we still see the evidence of conflict, even though there are still battles and injustices playing themselves out in various cultures around the world, the reason we're seeing them is that they are coming to the surface, into the light to be dissolved. The conflicts have been there the whole time - it's just that now the light is shining on them because so many are now willing to live life without them. 

I know that can seem backwards. Logic might say that we shouldn't need to see them if we are now willing to live without them, right? Consider though that Humanity is now truly willing to live without these self-destructive, manipulative and dominating ways of being. That means that they must all come to light, no stone unturned, so that the very cause and core of them can be addressed and dissolved. No more turning a blind eye. We are now awake. 

There Is Nothing Required Of You

Even as your heart is drawn to assist and guide others, there is no job to do. 

If we are going to honor Humanity and the unanimous movement toward the heart, let's truly honor the divinity and universal intelligence that is fully capable of running the show. In other words, let's stop trying to save the planet, save humanity, save the oceans, save the animals and instead begin asking new questions: 

  • How can I best assist right where I am? 
  • How many people can I light up and acknowledge today? 
  • How much love can I embody? 
  • How much can I let my heart, uniqueness and creativity be revealed? 
  • How willing am I to hand over the answers to the fluidity of my own Divine Nature and enjoy my Self as new outcomes and relationships come right to me? 

It is a different way of engaging with the outside world, and it is a different way of engaging with my own mental levels. Let's acknowledge right here that the mind may not understand this right away (that's why we have Tools!). So, let's give the mind new information... 

You are awake! The hardest part is waking up. Everything after that takes on a life of its own as we have the willingness to engage. Engaging is bringing my whole heart to every situation and conversation, to the very best of my ability. As this is the priority, I promise you, you will begin to watch a new paradigm, to FEEL a new paradigm unfold all around you. 

It is happening for you, not to you. In honor of you walking your walk, the whole Universe and all of creation are here to share with you, to give to you. You have a divine entourage of angelic presences eager to give to you and guide the way. Your Presence is a divine aspect of the whole. Willingness is all that is necessary to keep unfolding your consciousness, fruition and expression. You'll know it because you'll feel it. 

Facilitating is not a job to do. It is a way of being. From that way of being, we may form a structure by which we are supported in the physical world. I wholeheartedly support that, and I am here to assist in any way I can. Let these tools, and all of your other tools accelerate your own embodiment of your divine Presence. The doorways and opportunities for you to share more and more and more will arise right in front of you, no work to do about it. It is a different way of being, and it's where humanity is headed.