Foundation: To Guru Or Not To Guru


A seminal question in a time of shifting paradigms

Before reading further on this page, let yourself tune into your body. Mind, watch the body. Feel the state of your body, all of its tensions, all of its spaciousness. 

As any thoughts arise, consider breaking energy with any and all thoughts, any and all memories and emotions. Give yourself every opportunity to see through your heart. 



If I take a guru

With your awareness on the sensations in the body, let mind have the consideration of taking on a guru in your life. Whatever that might mean to you, for a moment just set aside the meaning and feel your body when you consider having a guru. Let yourself have this exploration with no judgment for whether you are correct or incorrect. Play with it! Just for fun...

If I have No Guru

To carry on with our fun game here, let's "erase the board", which means to clear the slate and begin again from checking in with how the body feels without any particular thought or suggestion. 

And, with your awareness on the sensations in your body, bring forth the consideration that you have no guru. Watch the sensations that your body produces on your behalf, again, just for fun... 


Each exploration, to take a guru or to not take a guru, will provide you with a different sense of presence in your body. To take a guru opens access to a different communication of consciousness than having no guru. Without trying to get it right, you can simply notice the difference in the sense between the two. 

One option will feel more expansive, or one will feel less expansive. For some, both will feel odd. Begin to notice the body communicating to you in these ways. You can always slow down, take a breath and, as you tune into your body, ask, "Show me more clarity on this..." Your command for more clarity will always produce new awareness. Feel what you feel, watch the images, sense, clarity, and knowing without trying to make it make sense. Simply watch and enjoy the communication. 

When you ask for clarity in these ways, you are not looking for how to solve the puzzle. You are declaring through your consciousness that you are open and willing to receive guidance in this exploration - the guidance may come immediately, it may come when you least expect it. But asking and listening in this way is a full acknowledgement that you are willing to be embraced by divine intelligence and willing to embrace the gifts of clarity and guidance that guide you on your journey. 

The Benefit of Old Paradigm Tools

Spirituality Is Perpetual

Spirituality is not new. Thousands of years of recorded and unrecorded beliefs, practices, methodologies, cultures, philosophies, religions and more have always included guidance to connect with the divine. 

The difference between old paradigm tools and new paradigm tools is what consciousness they are created from. 


Old Paradigm Tools

  • Protection

  • Religion

  • Belief Systems

  • Exclusion

  • Judgment

Are the tools created from an attempt to escape a certain way of being? To remain within a way of being?

...or to generate a new way of being? 

Tools designed to escape domination, to escape an ingrained belief system, to escape duality are still very useful. Even the systems designed to maintain a way of being can be used to elicit clarity and awareness about why we do what we do. Everyone is at their own unique level of consciousness and awareness on their journey, and tools of escape are all they may be available to engage with. 

Facilitating people whose consciousness is still enmeshed with conflict is very effective when the facilitator is available and willing to meet that person right where they are and provide tools that help them, right where they are. Of course there are eons of other tools, more direct tools, but how can that assist when the Dear One right there is mired in fear? 

Let's play with a couple of examples: 


Judgment as a tool

To deny judgment is to live in denial. Welcoming that judgment exists lets us use it to assist.

That doesn't mean we have to buy into it, but we can let it be there, kind of like the concrete of an old foundation. If you deny the foundation is there, you might bump right into it and bruise your foot. But if you let that concrete become part of the landscape, totally visible, you have much more freedom to discover all the space around it that lets movement happen without the bruises. 

Begin to become familiar with how judgment feels in the body. Your sensory navigation system will always tell you when there is a big load of concrete right in your path. Acknowledge the concrete and open your awareness to the open space around and beyond it. Your senses will always guide you through. 

Exclusion As A Tool

Even as we are walking in a direction of embodying more of our own true divine essence, there can be times when there is so much murky mental activity that we can't see a way to go. 

Exclusion is an old paradigm tool because it selectively chooses what seems to be beneficial and what seems not to be beneficial. It is based in a mental analysis of what is required to move ahead. There is absolutely nothing wrong about it! But, it is what it is. Using the mind to go forward is a great beginning. Excluding one aspect of life or another can be a way to open an avenue of movement that wasn't previously visible. 

Religion As A Tool

While millions of people are devout in their beliefs, there is an expanding number of people who can see that blind adherence to any belief system or religion can quickly become a barrier to the true expression of divinity. Whereas at one time a direct connection with the divine was the right and purpose of only the highest officials, today is different. Today, each and every human being has the same access to know Divinity in their own right. 

Religions are a beautiful way to organize and prioritize the relationship between the physical world and the divine. For thousands of years the collective psyche of humanity was trained through repetition to follow what was ordained. To stray away from what was ordained carried a heavy penalty socially, professionally, and often physically. 

Let's not deny this, but let's also no longer buy into it. To try to say that religion is a hinderance or is in some way a problem on the road to awakening closes one off from a tremendous ally. The constructs of religion always point in a direction of divinity - why would I ever turn anyone away from that? 

I count religion as an old paradigm tool because within the beliefs of a religion is the suggestion that one road to the divine might be better than another. That suggestion is simply born of a paradigm of consciousness based in "us vs them" and leads to the possibility of the many being dominated by a few. 

The true purpose of a system designed to know Divinity is to embody one's Self and expand, to truly transcend any dependence on a system. Welcoming the existence of religion as a tool that can assist and guide others to know their own freedom and divinity as a sense in their own body, well, that seems pretty divine to me! 


The tools for expanding consciousness that were built in an old paradigm are still useful. They are most useful with awareness that we are already dancing IN a new paradigm and using these tools built from conflict to guide others through to a new way of being. 

Ultimately, whatever tools you use, knowing WHY you are doing what you are doing can guide the use of the tools themselves. After all, a hammer can be used to build and it can be used to tear down. The hammer itself is nether good nor bad, beneficial nor destructive. It's a hammer.  


How You Were Taught To Doubt Yourself 

In theory, entrainment to a society is not malicious. To belong, to be a part of something greater, a collection of lives, would increase the chances of an individual's survival. Society is not a bad thing. Culture and systems of belief are wonderful ways to organize and guide people. 

It starts to get funny, though, when the methods used to entrain individuals requires that they squelch their own innate gifts and expression. Among most human cultures, the expectation to conform totally overrides an infant or toddler's exploration of who they are and how they function in a body. The overbearing pressure to fit into a society, culture or belief is somehow also nearly imperceptible, lost in a sense of what is collectively considered "normal." 

Generation after generation simply repeats what is deemed to be "normal", and a culture is created that is more about fitting into a version of normal than it is about expressing one's divinity. 

To an infant who is communicating innately through the empathic senses (because language is still a bit tricky when you're an infant), the entrainment begins by feeling and sensing the collective ambiance of belonging. The cognitive training begins a bit later when language and social skills start to become important. As early as the third trimester of pregnancy, an infant is beginning to sense the outside world and put assessments into place about where they fit, who they are and how to feel be in their environment. The ambiance of their mother is a great source of empathic information as well. 

Still, we come into the body ready to express ourselves, still aware of our etheric family, connected widely to our communion with all of consciousness. Innately we express our awareness and our love, and we feel the response from the outside world. If we feel no response to our expression, we might form a belief about that experience - we might begin to believe that there is something wrong with our expression, or it was somehow unseen or unheard. 

Without deliberate malice, a society and culture so focused on individuals fitting in will create an environment where doubting one's self seems normal. After all, empathically we can feel those around us also scanning around, feeling doubt and finding it to be normal as well. Even in times when there has been deliberate malice, you can see a similar rhythm of entrainment to make self-doubt and self-loathing seem like a common thing. 

Until recently, this kind of conversation couldn't happen on any kind of scale. There simply were not enough Dear Ones awake to the point of shining light here and revealing the truth without judgment. Now, we can see it for what it is and create a new way of being, a new way of seeing and receiving one another. We can acknowledge each others' uniqueness while still guiding the young ones to function and flourish in a society. It will require recreating a society that places a higher priority on awareness than it does on conformity. 

What Is An Ego? 

What we generally refer to as the ego is actually a mass collective of thought forms, judgments and more thought forms. The mind and the ego are different things.

Without the egoic influence, the mind is a wonderful, neutral tool, a beautiful friend who just wants to keep the body alive and functioning. It is the mind that would let us know we are about to walk off a cliff. It is the mind who would wield the logic to not walk into moving traffic. 

It is the ego that would say, "Dude, you're stupid if you walk into that traffic!" The mind simply presents the logic that doing so would likely result in injury or death. 

You see, the mind itself is inherently neutral. But it is very sensitive to polarized, magnetic charges. The ego is the conglomerate of polarized, magnetic charges produced by the judgments of Humanity for eons. It is its own field of charges, opinions, patterns and cyclical outcomes. A mind without the proper guidance and information is easily governed by the push and pull of the ego. 

An ego's entire focus in life is to perpetuate its own existence. That's just how it functions. Not a good thing, not a bad thing, just how it functions. 

Acknowledging its functionality begins to open the way to clarity about what tones and frequencies might be running the show. The body will always be communicating how it feels to be in the Presence of those tones and frequencies. 

The presence of conflict is a telling marker that egos are running the show. Again, not a bad thing or a good thing, it's simply that the sense of conflict is a reliable way to know. 

The interactions of egoic structures have been built in response to a very dense layer of cause-and-effect consciousness. This is another way to talk about the Old Paradigm - a dense layer of cause-and-effect. An ego loves to have the right answers, to be able to have more and know more and do more...or sometimes less, depending on how the ego is managing its show. As we open into a new way of being, one where the ideas of camaraderie and wellness are the overarching priority, we begin to starve the ego of its favorite fuel - conflict. 

There is no reason to ever fight against an ego. The fighting just plays into the egoic game. When you can be clear that you are in the presence of an ego running its show, that clarity alone brings about new awareness for how to walk through any situation as an instrument of divinity, a beacon of neutrality, and an a Presence of love. 

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Why Follow A Leader?

It's another good question. 

Go back up to the exploration at the beginning of this page - consider having a guru and consider not having a guru. For yourself, what is the value of following a leader? How does your body feel when you consider whatever a "leader" is to you? 

There are millions of leaders leading in different ways. Let yourself have clarity about why you follow leadership, if at all. Your awareness and clarity, after all, are the greatest gift you have to share with Humanity and all of Life.    


An excerpt from Time Bandits, 1981:

"Do you want to be leader of this gang???"

"No, Randall...we agreed no leader..."

Time Bandits.jpeg

"RIGHT! shut up and do as I say!" 

As Humanity steps into a new paradigm, the response to "why" will be increasingly associated with a sense rather than a logic. With the exploration of having a guru or not having a guru, did your own body provide you with different sensations for each consideration? Was there confusion about the sensations? Was there clarity when you explored it? 

You have the freedom to move in the direction that, when considered, generates a sense of expansion through the body. Ultimately, this relationship with your senses can be your "leader". That sense of expansion is a communication from your Higher Levels through your instrument, the body. When there is no correct answer, engaging with this sense and giving yourself permission to operate with its consideration will only provide with you greater and greater clarity no matter which direction you turn. 

There are many studies and modalities that support this way of listening and walking through life. Along the way, you might cross paths with people teaching and facilitating in a way that generate whole new levels of expansion for you! 

To understand more of the mechanics of this state of listening and how all of your systems work together to communicate with and through you, you can start here to read about Applied Kinesiology. You might also explore Neurolinguistic Programming and Qi Gong. These are all different resources to understand on a mental level the interactions of sense and awareness innate to every human being. Ultimately, if you feel called to study any of these or other modalities, how wonderful to have more tools in your toolbox! 

**I share these links as reference points for your own exploration - I have no association with these groups and intend no endorsement. I just want people to have access to cross-reference for themselves all of the amazing goodness that Humanity has to offer**

If They Can Do It...

Here is one of the most telling signs that we are already engaged in a new paradigm of consciousness. 

Access to Divinity has been sequestered and controlled, given or taken only by a small proportion of Humanity. Sometimes ordained, sometimes by divine prophesy, sometimes bestowed by a governing power, for thousands of years only a relative few have had access to the information and guidance to connect directly. 

Religions and mystery schools provide pathways that generally include some sort of adherence or devotion to their prescribed journey. This devotion can come at the cost of exclusion of other beliefs, practices or ways of being. Again, there is nothing inherently wrong with that - a system is simply a system. When you begin to awaken, though, to be able to see a bigger picture, you can begin to see where all of the systems are pointing in the same direction, guiding Humanity toward the same light. Some call it God, others call it the heart, and there are many words to use. To me, it is a sense of communion with all of creation that I know by the sense of harmony I feel. 

Now, as consciousness continues to arise, You have direct access to Divinity, simply because you exist! Those who are teaching today are no more divine than You are. Your part is to recognize and claim that you ARE already an indispensable aspect of the Whole and welcome your Self forward to express in new ways with all new outcomes. In other words...if the leaders can do it, so can YOU! 

This is the heart of the Tools For An Awakening World. Excluding nothing, the Tools empower you to know the sense of your own Presence and accelerate your embodiment. I share because I have come this far on my own journey of Creation. If I can, I know you can! 

No offense, no defense, nothing to prove. Just doorway after doorway to know higher and higher realms of your own consciousness, starting right where you are, playing as often as you like, welcoming forth the perpetually greatest expression of You. 

It's actually one of the most pragmatic priorities you can life with - after all, your Divine Intelligence embodied in physical form guides the way to live fluidly in communion with all of Creation. 

And so it is!