Foundation: Frequency, Vibration And Sacred Geometry

All of consciousness can be felt. The movement of consciousness is a sensory interaction. You are already equipped to feel... Now, the fun part is opening up to clarity between the frequency that is You and those that are outside of you.  

As with every resource and opportunity, first and foremost, tune into your own body. Welcome forth your own Presence, as this is what will guide you to the information that complements You, right where you are on your journey and where you are headed. 

Phi in a sunflower. Photo source unknown

Phi in a sunflower. Photo source unknown

Storm in the Golden Ratio. Photo source

Storm in the Golden Ratio. Photo source

DNA cross section shows the rectangle in the middle to be a golden mean rectangle connected to a hexagon and pentagon. Dreamhill Research

DNA cross section shows the rectangle in the middle to be a golden mean rectangle connected to a hexagon and pentagon. Dreamhill Research

Galaxy in golden ratio. Photo source

Galaxy in golden ratio. Photo source

The symbol for phi, or the Golden Ratio, taken as a description of space within a torroidal field. Photo source

The symbol for phi, or the Golden Ratio, taken as a description of space within a torroidal field. Photo source

Electromagnetic Waves are typically described by any of the following three physical properties: the Frequency (f), Wavelength (λ), or Photon Energy (E). Sourced from a discussion on

Electromagnetic Waves are typically described by any of the following three physical properties: the Frequency (f), Wavelength (λ), or Photon Energy (E). Sourced from a discussion on

These images were produced through the work of Dr Masuru Emoto. He crystallized water and recorded the crystalline shapes after being exposed to the frequencies of various words, ideas and intentions.

These images were produced through the work of Dr Masuru Emoto. He crystallized water and recorded the crystalline shapes after being exposed to the frequencies of various words, ideas and intentions.

How does this all relate to facilitation? 

Feel your body as you see these images and consider how they relate to one another. Your own body knows the sense of harmony innately. Tune in to the communication of your body.


There is so much information available online, from tuning musical instruments to a unified field theory in physics to integrating science and consciousness through psychology and studies of energetic and etheric work of shamans and other energy healers. I will share with you some amazing resources for you to discover information and relationships for yourself. 


Everything Is A Vibration

Sonic Geometry is a short film by my dear friend Eric Rankin and his team. Eric considered himself to be just a nice guy who swims with dolphins, fixes boats and plays music. One day he started having awarenesses that he'd never had before. His thoughts played with questions about frequencies. His awareness kept taking him to new places, new relationships among the information that was already present online about geometry and music. I'll let you listen to his story here. You may feel like watching a couple of times - there is a lot of information. Consider watching without trying to understand everything. 


Let your mind be with your bodybreak energy with the whole world so you can really feel your Self in response to the information. See if it isn't expansive for you! 


Geometry And Nature

Image source unknown. Symmetry speaks through mathematics to produce a way we can understand nature in terms of frequency. Click to enlarge.

Image source: Click to enlarge.

Image source: Click to enlarge

The Golden Ratio is consistent throughout nature and Sacred Geometry. Once you are tuned to notice it visually, give yourself the opportunity to notice the rest of your body responding as well. 

Forests and natural landscapes feel calming for us because they are an embodiment of the harmony described by Sacred Geometry. The very existence of nature occurs in a perpetual harmony. This is why we call nature and the natural worlds "therapeutic", why nature is relaxing when we let relaxation happen. Every physical body is coded to know and respond to the innate nature of harmony. 

Harmony is not a static place where all things are undisturbed. It is a living, breathing expression of consciousness, fully engaged and interacting with itself. 

Playing with Sacred Geometry to whatever extent might interest you will innately begin to tune you to the sense of harmony that is already part of your Presence in a body on a planet. 

As you welcome your awareness of what harmony feels like through your body, your body will guide you toward harmony in every sense. It is that natural. Let the sense of your own harmonic Presence be the priority and watch the nature of consciousness show up to support you in every way. 

Geometry And Consciousness

The Eye Of Horus from Ancient Egyptian glyphs is now seen as a representation of the Pineal gland of a human brain. Please do your own research on all of this, as you wish. The awareness and correlations are both stunning and obvious when you can see a bigger picture.

Information is now available to the masses of Humanity that was once guarded and sequestered by those in power. Again, this is another way to recognize that Humanity is in a whole new paradigm of consciousness, a whole new way of being! As the information that is core to how we measure our world, our time and how we connect with and receive divinity, all have the same opportunity to transcend the hooks and patterns of a physical plane and make a full transition into their Divine Embodiment. 

As Humanity today continues to operate at higher levels of awareness and consciousness, the information reveals itself in ways that seem to be increasingly obvious. It's almost like the information was there all along, it's just now that all of the pieces are starting to come together. 

This is why it's so valuable for you to use your own resources, follow your own curiosity for this information and let the information that will best complement you actually find you. What you are seeking is seeking you. 

One resource I'd like to share with you is through an artist, Michael Evans. His exploration into the spaces between lines revealed a shape that nobody else at the time seemed to be speaking about. He called it the Trion Re, or the geometry of light. You can read more about it on his website and see his artworks of the shape that's often referred to as the "geometry of light". 

The curved lines you see in the flower of life, a mandala depicted in nearly every ancient culture discovered and studied, provide a mathematical framework upon which consciousness can bring consciousness into form. You can see the symmetry in nature, you can find the reason in how Humanity has organized time and measurements. And the further you explore, you feel for yourself the harmonic resonance that is innate to all of creation. 

Consciousness does have order. The order, though, is very flexible and always breathing - expanding and contracting in response to itself. This self-responsive interaction produces a dynamic harmony among all of matter when it has the freedom to move as it will. Your physical instrument, your body, is innately designed through its DNA to live in perpetual interaction with this dynamic harmony. This is why you can feel when things are harmonious and when they are disharmonious or off in some way. You are already connected. 

Trion Re. Photo by Michael Evans

The shape that appears as flower petals is a 2-dimensional representation of the Trion Re. When that shape is seen in multiple dimensions, it begins to describe far more that 1/6 of a circle. The math is elegant and simple. The correlations to all of life become obvious. Play with it yourself!

Crystals, stones, minerals, music, atoms, the patterns of herd animals...every aspect of life on this planet is in geometric relationship. Your own exploration will guide you to information to nourish your curiosity and your wholeness. I deliberately do not want to point you at too many specific resources so that I may honor your unique journey. If you are interested to know more, you might search "geometry and consciousness" and click on whatever feels exciting, stimulating or even a bit intimidating. I promise you, the information is simply information. The awakening is takes on its own life anyway. 

As you search remember that you have tools to assist you to feel your body in the presence of this information. Even as you use a computer or other device, play with how the information occurs to you when your priority is sensing your own Presence, watching your own instrument of expression and the sensations it communicates. 

Facilitating your own journey or facilitating for others is an expression of its own simplicity. It is the simplicity of the willingness to feel that which is actually happening. Your willingness to feel harmony among all of your own systems is itself a facilitative consciousness. Fancy words...innate freedom. It's the most pragmatic priority I've encountered. 

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Geometry And Technology

For your consideration...

LCD screens use crystals to refract light using electromagnetic charges. Light moving through crystals, which are by nature geometric structures, is what produces the rich sensations we call "watching tv". 

Watches and compasses use crystals to function with accuracy. 

Research is happening now to discover how crystals might be used to store data. 

Water crystals are already known to store data and information - Dr Emoto's work reveals that very clearly. 

And is written in a binary language. 

Consciousness is not binary. Consciousness is geometric. 

The existence of technology is a consciousness in and of itself.

The evolution of technology and how Humanity uses it will accelerate exponentially as those who are designing it step into their own dance of awakening and direct communication in consciousness. Similar to the dance of science, the creation and awareness of new relationships must come before physical technology can be built to use as a tool. It is already happening. There are so many brilliant people already creating from new levels of awareness, and it's going to be very exciting to watch. I wonder what Humanity will create from a platform of harmony rather than competition and conflict! 

I'll let this section just rest here. If you're interested to read more about these thoughts and concepts, please explore Universal Sentience. If this is really, REALLY fun for you, please connect with me directly! There is a lot to play with, it just might require re-thinking how we build what we build. 

This shape, the Merkabah, describes the marriage of the higher levels of consciousness with the lower, or physical levels. We have now an unprecedented opportunity to embody our own unique Higher Levels of Consciousness to lift the frequency of physical existence. Higher frequency is the potent ingredient to total health and wellness, fruition, fluidity and divine expression. You have access now to accelerate the journey and emanate the light that you are.

Creating Beyond The Mind

The true instrument of creating and manifesting is the heart. 

A mind can only know what it has experienced. This mind is not the same mind that was present in a previous lifestream - information from other incarnations is available, but not through the mental levels. What we can feel and know from other incarnations is information delivered through dimensions. A Mind can interpret that information to make it relevant in the world where we are now, but the mind is not creating the what it's interpreting. 

That's why, when we are willing to expand beyond what we've known before, we give the mind a job that gives it new information in a way that is absent of fear, absent of threat, absent of the need to survive - we have it watch the sensations of the body. 

A mind finds and generates fear in response to an active egoic system that produces uncontrolled charges in this direction, that direction, this is good, that's bad, this is this, that is that. The egoic weather to a mind without the proper information can seem like a hopeless sea of inadequacy. 

Still, somehow, even within all of that uncertainty, we still have things to do each day. We still have others to interact with. Food still presents (for most), ways to assist one another, the beauty of nature sings perpetually. These are all manifestations of your heart collectively with the hearts of all Humanity continuing to walk forward and assist one another home. 

Manifesting with the mind and emotions has been taught for many years. That system will still function, but watch as the manifestations come faster and quicker, how quickly are we again searching for what we think we want? 

The mind can absolutely expand upon that beauty and put focus on the next creation, the next house, the next car or relationship. Yet, it is still the heart emanating, always connected with the Universe that provides the true nourishment for any ideal to come into form. Acknowledging and dancing in this truth is putting the ultimate technology into motion. Deliberate creation is being with the movement of the heart and surrendering to the interactions, opportunities, doorways and relationships just exactly as they present. 

Tune into the movement of your own heart-center through the body. Let your awareness be with the sensations of that movement. Play with making that awareness your priority and then just go enjoy your day, whatever the tasks are. Watch. Watch how consciousness finds you, meets you and begins to present you with new opportunities, new awareness, new outcomes, simply because You are happening with greater congruency. You are happening with greater amplitude. You are happening at perpetually higher frequencies, and You are welcome! You'll know it because you'll feel it.