TOOLtorials Foundations

Sense & Science

There has been information since the beginning of time just waiting for the consciousness of Humanity to arise and become available to see it. Stories, legends, art and concepts common to nearly every known culture are recognized with increasing congruency to be guiding Humanity to a congruent awareness of divinity. Even today there are many ways to recognize the information, many ways to play with it. 

This section offers a distillation of how all of this information may come together to inform the awakening of Humanity without the dogma, without rules, providing access to what is known and far beyond. 


To Guru Or Not To Guru

Explore awareness and clarity in the difference between an old paradigm of consciousness and a new way of being. 

Sections include:

  • Benefits of Old Paradigm Tools

  • How You Were Taught To Doubt Yourself

  • What Is An Ego?

  • Why Follow A Leader?

  • If They Can Do It...



Science will never fully be able to explain consciousness because consciousness is constantly expanding. Now, it's expanding faster than ever before. But science and all that this practice contributes is so, so valuable to assist the masses to find comfort and safety considering concepts and themes it's never encountered before. 

Sections Include: 

  • What Science Can Study...And What It Can't (yet...)

  • What Questions Are You Asking?

  • Science Is Catching Up

  • How You Can Use Science To Support Your Creation

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Frequency, Vibration & Sacred Geometry

As consciousness continues to arise in frequency, we get to see relationships differently. Our awareness of the relationship between the physical world and the etheric world expands every day. Geometry, frequency, arc and the mathematics derived from this very simple design can describe how and why Humanity has organized itself into specific patterns. This is also the key to creating and organizing based on a foundation of harmony. 

Sections Include: 

  • Everything Can Be Described As Frequency & Vibration

  • Geometry & The Natural World

  • Creating Beyond Visualization

  • Geometry & Consciousness

  • Geometry & Technology