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Applications Include:

  • Listening And Facilitation
  • Applying The Tools To Facilitate Others
  • Applying The Tools In Relationships
  • Applying The Tools In Work Scenarios
  • Applying The Tools In The World At Large

Humanity is in relationship with all of life. 

What kind of relationship actually works for the whole?

The Animal Kingdom plays such a prominent role in the Tools For An Awakening World because they are a living embodiment of the absence of judgment. It is this tone of presence that facilitates harmony for any and all who are open and accessible to it. Even those who are not open will still feel this presence, even if they are not aware of what they're feeling. Facilitating harmony among humanity is not about being the most popular figure in the media. It is about courage to live and express with one's true priority, even as the priority might change and grow in time. 


What would you love to create? 

An old paradigm of creation relies on contrast. There is the concept of "away-from" motivation, which illuminates where people will make a choice based on what they don't want. For example: 

Would you prefer to rent a 4 bedroom apartment or a 2 bedroom apartment? 

I don't want the big payment, so I'll choose the 2 bedroom apartment. 

That is "away-from" motivation, making a choice based on avoiding a predicted outcome. My question in that situation is, what does polarized thinking create? 

A new paradigm invites a consideration that the old paradigm simply doesn't include. Here's the same example with the spaciousness of a new paradigm: 

What actually works better for you, a 4 bedroom apartment or a 2 bedroom apartment? 

This question is totally outside the paradigm of "away-from" thinking and its opposite, "toward" thinking. This question opens the space to consider one's Self rather than a predicted outcome. This question can be addressed from a sensory awareness rather than an analytical calculation. 

Questions like this are not asked in a paradigm of competition and duality - there is no response to this question in competition and duality. In the consideration of creating a new way of harmony on the planet, though, this question is a beautiful doorway to what does actually work, considering all factors. 


Listening And Facilitation

We begin from the awareness that nothing is broken. It's either effective or it's less effective. 

In this new paradigm, the way through is guided by questions. Not answers. Questions that open up every option in the absence of judgment invite clarity rather than answers. Ask the questions and be accessible to the obviousness of clarity. Clarity goes way beyond right and wrong. It has a sensation. And you will feel it. Once we have clarity, there is still work to do, things need to get done, various situations and events will still unfold. With clarity though, work becomes its own facilitative force.

Clarity and approval are not the same thing. Clarity and consensus are also different concepts. Clarity makes itself obvious when no matter what the outcome, the body communicates an relaxation of anxiety. 

In business, you are a human in relationship with humans. The more willing you are to see with clarity and act with courage, you open tremendous space for every kind of relationship and endeavor to come to its fullest fruition. 


Inviting your Higher Levels of awareness and consciousness to be part of your physical expression means that you now have a member of your team that can consider every possible outcome. Of course this doesn't happen in a way that the mind can truly understand. The mind can only grasp a small fraction of what your innate abilities can create. Let's simply acknowledge that and open up to how we can dance as an integrated expression of our own unique Higher consciousness. 


The clarity you receive will filter through your priority. In other words, if you are holding a priority in your mind that says "I want whatever is in my highest and best good, as long as it's blue," then your clarity will present in relationship to "blue", simply because you declared it as a priority. This is the benevolence of the way this Universe works. It has no judgment for what you'd like to create, and it will continuously guide you home to the heart through whatever channel you are available. 


Manifestation has been taught for many years now to suggest that you require a very detailed picture of what you desire in order for it to manifest. The real mechanics of that dynamic are that you are putting filters in place through which the Universe can access you and give to you. And, if the Universe does make its way through those filters, you will be able to recognize it because it looks just like your pictures. This is a beautiful teaching for so many to begin to realize that they can have a say in their own life and what is created on their behalf. This has been a magnificent doorway to move from an old paradigm toward a new paradigm. 


Take a look at that, though. 

How did the Universe create before we had pictures of mansions and Corvettes?

Where does synchronicity come from?

Where does love come into the picture? 


When there is no thought about a particular outcome and filters don't come into the picture, there is unlimited space for the Universe to create what your heart truly desires, through connections, relationships, communication, fluidity and synchronicity. 

Synchronicity is God’s way of remaining anyonymous.
— Albert Einstein

Listening with no thought is a purely sensory experience.

To facilitate harmony is to guide movement through sensory awareness.  

Awareness of your own senses gives you a pristine guidance system through which your knowledge can also assist. 

With a priority of harmony, your Higher Levels of awareness, and your Divine Intelligence can deliver insight to you that will support and assist that priority. 

In any situation we encounter in life, we always have a body there as our instrument, we always have freedom to be aware of the body, we always are connected to and through our Higher frequencies of consciousness. 

The ultimately facilitative question then becomes, "Why am I doing what I'm doing?" 

Courage to have clarity with this question opens the way to receive so much fluidity, so many gifts, resources, relationships, opportunities and more than the mind could ever know to ask for. This question is one of the greatest facilitators you will ever meet. 


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