You Can't Teach Feel


Because FEEL is innate. If you have a body, you already have Feel.


What you CAN do is guide awareness to where Feel is already communicating.

You can guide the mind to have clarity about the information that Feel provides. 


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Everyone is a facilitator. Among us there are those who are drawn by their heart to assist others, to accelerate others on their journey. Facilitation is not about achieving one particular outcome. It is about opening the way, providing the necessary information for each One to walk in their truth while walking your own truth, side-by-side. The journey of Humanity is to create in the physical world from ever-higher states of consciousness, to know One's Self as Creator expressing through the physical realm. In other words, the more you are available to create, build, express and grow as a true expression of You, the greater contribution you make to the whole. 

You were never meant to spend your energy and resources doubting, questioning or proving that you deserve to exist.

From a very spiritual understanding to the very scientific, all roads lead to the heart. Which road you travel is less important than taking the journey. These tools are created to accelerate you through clarity and awareness no matter what road you travel.

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All walks of life

All of Humanity is awakening. Not all will use that language. For many, the shift of simply being kind to someone where yesterday kindness was not an option is the movement toward awakening. Facilitating a new paradigm for some people may be nothing more than noticing kindness and welcoming it into your own heart. Maybe you'll share a smile. Others are so, so ready to jump on the fast track and accelerate their embodiment of divine purity no matter what it takes. I'd say the vast majority is somewhere in-between. 


there is no "job" to do

Humanity is awakening. It's already happening. There is no big importance to facilitating a new paradigm - it's already started and there's no stopping it! So trying to make facilitation into a job full of importance is like trying to fly while holding on to a rope tied to the ground. Facilitation happens from One's own lightness of being. Your very Presence is a facilitative space. I can't teach you Feel because you already have it. I can't teach you who you are because you already ARE it. What I can do is open the way and guide the awareness toward the clarity and purity of who we are, the light and expression that we each are in a body on a planet. This is the facilitation. And the most potent way for me to facilitate you or anyone else is for me to welcome forth my own embodiment, first and foremost. When Presence is the priority, the entire world shifts around you.

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Use What You have

Each of us has had a unique journey. Each of us has a unique expression and awareness of our journey. Two people who live side-by-side and do the same thing together every day will each have a unique awareness and different expression of their experience. A harmonic paradigm of consciousness welcomes your unique expression even among billions of others. The value and beauty of You is that you ARE unique, a totally unique tone and frequency of consciousness. For those who may appreciate the concept expressed differently, consider that your uniqueness simply makes the world more colorful. When you are willing to let yourself, your awareness of your own journey, your unique expression be seen and heard, your Presence as a facilitator touches the hearts of humanity beyond the constructs of a mind that seeks success. Everybody wins.

Welcome to the online TOOLtorials! A new paradigm of assistance and facilitation for Humanity to step up, flourish and arise continuously in vibration and frequency of consciousness. 


With this TOOLtorial, you may also request to become part of the Presence team of facilitators who provide hands-on assistance to accelerate and amplify harmony in all situations. If you're interested in playing with the Presence team, please let us know through this form. 

Whatever the reason you are receiving this information, thank you! Thank you for walking your walk, shining your light. Thank you for making this commitment to your Self and your own journey to the heart, through the heart and expression AS your heart. There is more space available for this expression  now than there has ever been in the history of time. Universal dynamics have changed. Communication has changed. More individuals are aware than ever that we are not bound to live and repeat cycles of destruction. Welcome to a new way of being! 

Myself, I'm excited to see what Humanity will create from a foundation of Harmony rather than conflict. 

Let's dance! 

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