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Tools For An Awakening World




This resource exists to provide you with tools, awareness and guidance to know - to sense the essence of your own Presence - and embody the lightness that is your natural state of being.

Awakening is an expanding awareness that you are now free to know and have what actually works for you. You know it because you feel it.
— Kerri Lake

With some very simple tools, you can bring your mind, your body and your heart into the same conversation, the same space and the same time. Bringing these aspects together with You at the helm (rather than the mind) generates a sense of clarity that feels like effortless guidance. 

An Introduction


Empowering your Self to be in fluid connection with your sensory awareness creates space for the embodiment of love in every relationship.

Start right where you are. 

Play as often as it occurs to you.

Feel as much as you are willing. 

Watch every aspect of your world respond as you embody more of You. 

Don’t take my word for it … play with the tools yourself

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Tools For An Awakening World

An integrated resource to assist and accelerate your journey of embodying the purity of your heart and expressing your uniqueness through every interaction and every relationship.


Right now, humanity has an unprecedented opportunity. 

In all walks of life, individuals realize their option to do life differently. People are finding their capacity to connect and communicate with others, to create together, to transcend a sense of competition that leaves no winner. Independent of any belief system, religion or teaching, humanity is rediscovering kindness. 

The key to this opportunity is your willingness to truly have a fluid, harmonious relationship with your Self. Click Here to read more.  

Your ability to sense, to feel, to know more of the awareness of You is an opportunity to expand beyond what you already think, know and enjoy as you. You are not broken. You are awakening. 

Creating harmony at both small and large scales begins with individuals' awareness and ability to have a harmonious relationship between all aspects of themselves.


Using these tools as a priority in communication and relationships begins to provide clarity and confidence based in your own self-validation. You empower yourself to know the difference between feeling your own heart and feeling the emotional weather of those outside of you. Your clarity of Presence becomes a natural, heart-felt gift of congruent expression and integrity in all situations. 

Tool #1: Mind, Watch The Body

  • Explore the simplicity of sensing the physical realm

  • Invite the mind into a new expression of friendship

  • Watch the sensations rather than interpret them

  • Let it feel how it feels, comfortable or uncomfortable

  • Carry a rock in your pocket

Your innate sensory system is already in place and functioning to provide you with information and guidance. Until now, there has been very little guidance to live in awareness of your innate abilities beyond the "Big 5 Senses."

Tool #2: Breaking Energy

  • A tool to honor yourself and the whole

  • You know it because you feel it

  • Heart Center ... open ...

  • Use this tool before, during and after any encounter that seems overwhelming

  • Remember, you are not alone, you're just stepping into a new, expansive expression of your Self

As you integrate your sensory levels of awareness and communication, you will step further into your natural state of being, into your innate communion with all of life

Tool #3: Expansion

  • The nature of light is expansion

  • Your body is designed to express your unique light ... Heart Center Open ...

  • The body will communicate, "Oh yes! I feel that!"

  • Use the tools often until you no longer require them

  • Feel Your Unique Divine Presence!

Your Presence is a gift. Gifts are for sharing!

There is no way to exhaust the purity of your Presence, no way to exhaust the source of love that generates that unique experience of You.


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