From Sacramento, CA

"I am so enjoying and finding great value in your Tools. I’ve heard your Tools before at the conference where you spoke a year ago, but there is so much more depth to be had and experienced if you’re willing to just go back and keep listening. I listened to both sessions 1 and 2 again this week and then gave myself the gift of actually DOING the processes! I got great benefit from that and have noticed myself applying the Tools. I’m also noticing retroactively when I could have applied the Tools, which is of course the beginning of noticing that I have learned another Tool or two. That’s been really great.

The other day I had a big charge in a situation with my husband, and instead of doing what I usually do, go out and hide in the barn, I just sat in the other room from him and used on of the Tools…it was so great. He was right there in the house with me and he didn’t know what I was doing, but I sure did! Everything shifted so fast. It was very sweet.

I definitely feel like we’re building on a foundation here. I’m really glad this is nine weeks. At first I thought 9 weeks was a really long time, which I like, but was wondering how we were going tokeep diving deep. I have a bette sense of that now."

- B.T., Sacramento, CA

Kerri LakeComment