From Germany

“The first thing I noticed was that the relationship with the mind and the body changed. My whole bodily experience has changed - the way I move, the way it feels. The other thing is that I noticed a change in the way my mind observes my body. There are different tones of how I’m watching, like “what’s wrong” or “Is something hurting” is what I’m used to. It’s fear based. Now that’s been replaced with a more friendly kind of watching. The mind is now more friends with the body. 

I played a lot with Breaking Energy. Nearly the last year I had to do a lot with heavy feelings. I started to break energy with them. I played with questioning and questions for clarity to find out how much of it is mine…and I got the idea that it’s not mine at all! It was really great! It wasn’t easy to let it all go, but I started to wonder who I will be when it’s all gone!”

- M.D., Germany

Kerri LakeComment