From Davis, CA

I grew up a “horse crazy” girl as many are, and coming back to horses after several years away has been a real gift, as well as a challenge. I needed someone to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a (now much older) rider, but I also wanted to be a better horsewoman and gain some real education and insight about riding and about connecting with horses.

Kerri Lake has been an invaluable mentor in all of these areas. Right away, she seemed to intuitively sense where my weaknesses lay, not only in my actual riding but also in my thought processes and attitude. She also immediately understood that with two small children at home, this time with her is very important to me, and she genuinely treats it s such. From our very first lesson, she has been able to gently but firmly guide me to an understanding of the kind of rider I want to become. 

Kerri has a great way of encouraging me to visualize where I want to be as a rider and then be able to feel myself, whether or not I am progressing along that path, Rather than shouting out arcane commands from the center of the ring, she will ask something like, “How does that feel to you?”, listen to my assessment and then giver her own feedback, making sure that I understand what she is explaining and the reason for it. This has been an extremely helpful tool in learning to self-correct.

Kerri’s teaching methods are based in becoming a balanced, intuitive, relaxed and effective rider through self awareness and moreover, a symbiotic relationship with the horse, which I feel can be applied to any riding discipline that I might choose to undertake on down the line.

In the time that I have been working with Kerri I know that my riding has improved substantially. I am more confident and secure, and my horse has definitely responded in a positive way to the differences, on the ground as well as in the arena. I hope to continue working with her as long as she is is willing to teach. I feel like things can only get better... I have so much more to learn!

It is immediately evident when you meet Kerri that her sensitivity and enthusiasm carry over necessarily into the way she communicates with animals and relates to people. She approaches both with honesty and integrity. I feel extremely fortunate to have met her, gather knowledge from her, and call her a friend.

- D.C., Davis, CA

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