From Melbourne, Australia

As for explaining what Kerri does in a workshop, I can remember answering a similar question once with "Kerri doesn't do, Kerri just is" 

I have done many workshops in my time but Kerri is unique. There is no set agenda rather she works with what presenting at the time for each participant giving them the tools to get in contact with their own deep intuition and guidance and to trust their own experience rather than always deferring to experts weather good or bad.

All this is done from a place of absolute love and non judgement that I have never truly felt before.

As a high sensitive Kerri has helped me recognize what a brilliant  job that I have done in coping with a world full of constant bombardment and how I was being affected even though my defence mechanism was to think I felt nothing. I can honestly say having her help and guidance has been life changing.

In case all that sounds a bit heavy the one thing I can also promise is whatever Kerri facilitates it will be full of fun and laughter.

- K.D., Melbourne, Australia