From Sydney, Australia

My experience with Kerri has been truly life-changing. I was so blessed to be able to host one of Kerri’s workshops in Sydney, which completely opened my eyes to a new world of consciousness and awareness. I had been seeking a release from severe childhood trauma and PTSD, and Kerri’s tools allowed me to dissolve my barriers and move forward in a positive and authentic way towards true healing. Kerri’s beautiful parallels into the animal world made perfect sense, and her simple yet profound tools, are a beautiful foundation for humans living in complete harmony within nature. I have been using the tools in my own equine work with clients, and the outcomes have been incredible. Kerri’s books also provide a wonderful in-depth background to the concepts, as well as into Kerri’s life. I could not put the books down, I was absorbed in every word, as they provided such a beautiful insight into Kerri’s life journey and her spiritual process. I am so incredibly grateful for meeting and knowing such an incredible human being. Thank you, Kerri, for sharing your gifts with the world!

EA, Sydney, Australia

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