From Vista, California

What a beautifully written book! Keri shares from her heart and opens an opportunity for humans to feel truly accepted. Her words inspired me to see animals as my teachers, even more. Each chapter guides spiritually gifted beings (which is all of us) through an abundance of support and explanation to gain clarity.

Keri shares many sentimental and beautiful memories as a child through her life journey - the whole reason she is who she is and does what she does. My favorite story was when Keri was in Hawaii underwater dancing with the dolphins. Her words sucked me in as if I was there feeling the magic of the day. I've often imagined the experience of being with dolphins in such a magical way, and the tale brought me into that experience like no other. I really appreciated that moment.

Keri is very open to sharing her experience of being human again, fully awakened and aware. She spreads her love in every word she has written. What I most learned, most importantly, from this book is to trust in my own wisdom and connection, to animals, and absolutely everything.

- AR, Vista, CA

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