From Portland, Oregon, USA

I so thoroughly enjoyed Kerri’s first book, ‘Listen Like A Horse’, that when I heard she was writing a second book, I was so excited an could hardly wait to read it! I found Kerri’s second book, Spiritually Gifted, just as compelling as a story, but what I didn’t expect was on how many levels it spoke to me.

Spiritually Gifted does recount Kerri’s journey, but also conveys so much more. If your are highly intuitive or highly sensitive - or know someone who is- you’ll learn much about how to navigate the world without abandoning your gifts, as well as have a better idea how to connect with those you may know who are wired similarly. I had many matching pictures- and although the details were different- the learning and Knowing I got was the same- Truth is Truth! So in reading this book, that littler younger me felt seen, and heard in a very deep and real way. There were times I had to put the book down and just be in the pause while integration happened.

I am so grateful for this book, and for Kerri to have written it down and shared it with us. What a gift! Even though you may just hear what you already know to be true, You’ll most certainly get a deeper connection to your Knowing, and you just may learn something!

Todd Williamson, Portland, OR

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