Feel Without Fear

Relating From The Heart Creator Community

Clarity, Integrity, Presence

A project for the benefit of humanity and all of life.

Why do I use images of nature rather than people? Notice how you feel when you see this. What happens in your mind? What happens in your heart? What happens with your breath?

My heart is nourished by what is common among us, all species.

Our heart-connection is ever-present, no matter what situation arises outside of us. Most people are very unaware of how to feel, organize their awareness and live in connection with their heart.

These six months will be our time to:

  • Create community founded on what is common among us

  • Generate a fluid expression of intuitive relating that excludes nobody

  • Redefine the concept of value through Presence and Integrity

There is an entire scientific field studying how the language you speak shapes the way you think and relate to the world. We know this as well from our own experience - thoughts influence how you feel, and the way you feel affects your openness to connect. Open to new ways to relate to what you feel, and you open profoundly to relate to all of life.

There is a language common to all of life. It communicates clarity, with the wisdom of the heart and the vehicle of the senses.

When you apply your intellect from this foundation, you can create in harmony with all of life.

This Creator Community is my invitation to you to be a founding contributor to creating a visionary service. Over our six months together, I will guide the collaborative creation of an intuitive service to offer those who are looking for an education in communication from the heart.


  • Create community founded on what is common among us - the heart

  • Generate a fluid expression of relating in society that excludes nobody

  • Redefine value as an expression of Presence and Integrity


  • I offer my “Tools For An Awakening World” as a foundation

  • You bring your tools to harmonize with the overall foundation of the heart

  • We are supported by the work of HeartMath research, The Business Plan For Peace and other visionaries


The simplicity of this work is to empower individuals to see their own world with clarity and without judgment. In that state of being, businesses and economies can flourish, relationships can flourish, life can flourish, all without the energy of domination.

This Creator Community is for those who wish to experience this state of creation in their own world and then expand the community of integrated wisdom we generate together.

I still do everything I was doing...but now I’m coming from a different place. I do all the same things, but everything has changed.

This is about creating an educational resource for heart-awareness.

My gift is to facilitate awareness and embodiment of the pure tone of your heart so that you can know it for yourself. With experience, your mind finds evidence for itself that the Presence of the heart is the greatest foundation from which to work. Your heart will emanate through all that you share in the world, simply because it is your nature.

This facilitation exists to invite community among all cultures colors and creeds to bring this heartful foundation into and through their work and education as they would teach it. I alone cannot create an educational resource that touches everyone. But educating those who already wish to help others provides a ripple effect that benefits everyone beyond measure. Along with guiding humanity, the universal nature of this foundational awareness includes the wisdom and consciousness of the animal kingdom.

Ideally what this community resource generates is, very simply, the sense of community through relating from the heart. Please remember though, what is simple is not necessarily small or insignificant. An education of the heart lets people communicate in a way where each one can trust the integrity of the others because each one can feel the integrity of the others. This is the nature of communication with animals - always in integrity to what is true to their heart.

Relating from the heart is a commitment to the integrity of the heart. And we get to help people know for themselves what that feels like.


Our six months together includes:

  • One monthly 1-1 session with me for each participant to assist in integrating the clarity and presence of relating from the heart in all ways

  • One monthly group video session, 2-3 hours to connect and create together, facilitated by me

  • A template for you to use at the end of our six months to generate heart-centered community among your own people in this way

  • Access to other public teleconferences I share at no charge

  • Option to work with me going forward to perpetuate a unique service founded on intuitive self-awareness and creation

This is a new paradigm of learning and creating. It begins with each one receiving and integrating their own higher clarity first and letting that clarity inform our pragmatic function in the world.

As you begin first with yourself, you come to advise and facilitate others to begin with themselves. The uniqueness that you have to teach, whether it’s plumbing, coaching, financial planning, painting or bobsledding, reveals itself clearly as an expression of your heart.


It's impossible for me to exclude the animal kingdom and the natural world in our discussions of presence, uniqueness and integrity. They are here to help guide humanity home to the heart. Their presence of purity, their absence of desire to be anything other than they are activates that presence within you as well. Let your awareness explore what is common between yourself and the animal kingdom and you open to a whole new way to see and know yourself.


Generate thoughts and words through the heart.

Generating from the heart is profoundly simple, but the mind wants descriptions, definitions and the ability to cross-reference with past experience. This is why I provide an education - to answer the mind’s questions and make often intangible information relevant in a very externalized world.

Before definitions, we can find clarity. Clarity is a sense, an experience that can be felt, recognized and honored. The sense of clarity is the reason why the mind likes definitions. Operating with clarity as a priority before understanding let you choose words that match what you actually mean to say. Clarity creates an experience of living in harmony with all of life.

Through this series, we will learn an empowering education and tools for people to experience themselves without judgement so they can live with an open heart.

This is the work I do, this is the being I am.

To create on a grander scale though, we will need to work together. One of my highest priorities is to help you integrate this wisdom so that you may also share this education with your own community. The wisdom needs participation of others creating from the heart. Together, our creativity expands and amplifies.

You have gifts and awareness that are paramount to sharing an integrated community of the heart! As I guide and facilitate this unique group, your participation becomes a pillar of how the work is shared with the world.