Feel Without Fear

Where We Are Headed


The systems designed by the ancients were built from a consciousness of repeating cycles, which is absolutely valid and in no way inaccurate for the their levels of awareness and accessibility, perfect for their time. Disappearance and reappearance of stars and star clusters as a system of guidance is ready evidence that even the biggest conceptions are cyclical or repeating in nature. And so their particular awakening, totally transcendent at the time, was enlightened to the greatest extent possible when governed by that observance. This was at the same time their brilliant discovery and their grand limitation. While the cycles foretold the coming of prosperity and golden ages, it also bound their predictions to the inevitability of polar opposites - light and resurrection, darkness and destruction.

We are now at a new vibratory level of consciousness and unique time in all of history when we can step out of cyclical cycles and polar opposites. Without denying the existence of any cyclical structures, we are no longer magnetically adhered to the systems or calendars described by the Ancients. The idea is not to repeat what they discovered and illuminated, but to create from a foundation built by that level of wisdom.

We ARE the ancients, and there is a universal invitation to go beyond what was accessible at that level of consciousness, to pick up the clues we left ourselves and create what's next with all new accessibility to the Divine. The opportunity we have now is to see without agenda what has been created and walk forward into a new embodiment of accessibility. With the wisdom and support of ancient knowledge, we are now free to express our Divine nature as Creator and engage with new dimensions, new shapes and tones in our perception, including the spiral nature of frequency.

Label nothing as “sacred” and all aspects shine equally. Ask your questions not with the expectation that another dark age will inevitably ensue, but with the wonder of what relationships will arise as you open your awareness to systems you may have yet to engage.