Pure Presence Animal Communication

Without the illusion of a "correct" way to communicate, this audio narrative shares insight on how we already do connect and where we might take our connection for both pragmatic and esoteric purposes. The simplicity can be startling.

Enjoy 7 audio files in the series with an extra audio describing a tool that will assist your innate abilities.

Audio 1 - Why would i connect with the animal kingdom?

An introduction to perspectives and senses that are innate to people. You already have the ability to communicate. Open your heart and enjoy the connection!

Audio 4 - Human Consciousness

How intimately can we know our own awareness? Knowing yourself makes you infinitely available to connect with the animals. Explore what makes us uniquely human.

Audio 2 - how do I connect with the animal kingdom?

While there is no "correct" way to communicate, there are general techniques that open you to the natural expression of animals. It all begins with an open heart and open mind.

Audio 5 - Stepping Into The Absence Of Judgment

Judgment can color our interpretation of what we hear and receive. Get the sense and approach to communication that requires no judgment so you can hear and communicate with clarity.

Audio 3 - animal consciousness  

There is a lot about animal consciousness that is similar to human consciousness. And there are differences. Explore the similarities and differences as you explore your own sense of self. 

Audio 6 - A Conversation In Presence

Ultimately, communication can happen without words. People and animals alike are capable of communicating with great depth through their presence. Explore your abilities. 

Bonus Audio - Going Direct

We are taught that we must be taught before we know how to do something. I wonder if that's actually true, or if we have the ability to go direct to our innate nature and receive clarity and information?