TOOLtorials Online

TOOLtorials Online


TOOLtorials , the supplemental course for Tools For An Awakening World, is a resource for sensory awareness so you can feel without fear and live with an open heart

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Tools For An Awakening World is not a modality or a system. It is a fluid facilitation for Humanity to engage with and embody their own Higher Levels of consciousness.

TOOLtorials Online walk you through how the Tools were created and how you can best receive their assistance to clear the way and accelerate your own journey home to the heart. It is an expanding resource with access to an online community and additional information as Humanity continues to arise in consciousness. You may also have an opportunity to dance with the Presence Team as an affiliate. 

The best way to help others with the Tools is to receive them, with TOOLtorials, for yourself.

Tools For An Awakening World, the TOOLtorials and the community resources are created not only to assist Facilitators directly, but also to provide facilitators with a resource for their own clients. The comprehensive and integrated nature of this content and guidance will complement and expand on any teachings that point to wholeness, wellness, healing and the evolution of consciousness. 

As Humanity accelerates into a collective awareness of harmony, no one is left behind.