Tools For An Awakening World with TOOLtorials

Tools For An Awakening World with TOOLtorials


Created to help you navigate relationships and communication with grace.

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Created to help you navigate relationships and communication with grace.

Synthesized from at least 20 different healing and scientific modalities. 


About the Tools

Tools For An Awakening World provide a consistent way for people to recognize and use their innate ability to sense subtle energies. Physiologically, humanity is already equipped to sense and respond to communication on various vibrational levels. I call this “sensory awareness”. These Tools simplify the understanding and use of sensory awareness, empowering people to effectively generate coherence in every situation and navigate life in harmony with others.

Tools For An Awakening World offer an education to understand one another and communicate in a new way. The Tools build a foundation by organizing the mind’s awareness to notice and prioritize subtle energy sensations from the body. When awareness is organized in this way, the body responds immediately through changes in sensory feedback. Conflict between the mind and body dissolves. By generating a friendship of the mind, the body and the heart, the familiar analysis/fear/reaction cycle loses its grip on how we function. We become free and empowered to act from higher states of consciousness in everyday situations. We facilitate communication with presence and wisdom of the heart. 

Education empowers leaders and guides teams to prioritize this new approach to communication. Skill and intellect can then be applied from a new foundation. 

About TOOLtorials

TOOLtorials are not a modality or a system. It is a fluid resource for you to understand, engage with and embody your own Higher Levels of consciousness.

TOOLtorials Online walk you through how the Tools were created and how you can best receive their assistance to clear the way and accelerate your own journey home to the heart. It is an expanding resource with access to an online community and additional information as Humanity continues to arise in consciousness. 

Tools For An Awakening World, and the TOOLtorials are created not only to assist you directly, but also to provide you with a resource that may serve your own clients.

The comprehensive and integrated nature of this content and guidance will complement and expand on any teachings that point to wholeness, wellness, healing and the evolution of consciousness. 

As Humanity accelerates into a collective awareness of harmony, no one is left behind.