9 Week Series Online Self-Study

9 Week Series Online Self-Study


**Online Self-Study 9 Week Series**

This is the foundational course for Generation Of Harmony and Tools For An Awakening World.

Recorded live online. Clarity in sensory awareness actually has a lot to do with re-educating the mind. Simplicity is key! New vocabulary, new ways of using vocabulary, and a different kind of prioritizing help the mind function in friendship rather than control.

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**The Online Self-Study 9 Week Series**

"I am always the best version of myself after spending time with Kerri. My consciousness expands, my heart opens and all that laughter is just plain delightful. The deeper truths that are discussed provoke me into exploring new possibilities for myself, my loved ones and the world we inhabit together. I get myself in her presence on a regular basis." - Barbara Thompson, Sky Ridge Ranch, Wilton, CA

Read the full series description here. 

I offer insight, perspective, games and direction to guide you to your brilliant self-empowered discovery. Your input and contributions will be an invaluable contribution to the whole. My vision for this work is to offer facilitators, teachers, guides, leaders and all whose heart calls for a continuing education in their own abilities as a human - the universe will meet us at the whatever level of consciousness we are willing to engage.  

Please see www.kerrilake.com/testimonials for a sense of other people’s experience with me as their guide.


This series includes:

  • 12+ hours of live instruction and guidance
  • Private online community
  • Access to ask questions between sessions


9 sessions, each 1 hour of live video with extra material to help make the Tools real in your world.

Clarity in sensory awareness actually has a lot to do with re-educating the mind. New vocabulary, new ways of using vocabulary, and a different kind of prioritizing help the mind function in friendship rather than control. This is a big part of what I’d like to share with you, what I’ve been shown, gifted and mastered.

This is not to create “the next latest and greatest thing,” this is to provide you with a very expansive sense of your Self, trying on new perspectives so that you might come to new levels of awareness of your Self, your Presence and the scope of connection with the horses, with your clients and beyond. 

The animals are, as you know, magnificently pure communicators of what they sense and feel. They will respond to you with total honesty. The games I’ll share with you, the awareness and suggestions you might take out into your world will be for your exploration of your Self. I will share with you perspectives around listening to animals and people and interpreting their responses a little differently than what’s been taught.

This 9-week series may be quite different than other courses on facilitation! It is an exploration of your relationship with yourself, your innate ability with sensory awareness and the ease of living with an open heart.

I will guide you from my experience, with Tools created to simplify and accelerate the journey of embodiment, and of course with love. Horses guided me to listen this way, outside of any human teaching. I learned how to find clarity in a world of humans through critical thinking, which was taught to me by people. 

I thank you for receiving this level of awareness and facilitation. Each person will integrate it and use it as it complements them. My goal is not to make you be like me (because that would be boring!). My part is to empower YOU to embody the greatest version of YOUR self, and have the most enjoyable life possible as you walk with an open heart and share your gifts! 


"I'm having more and more confidence in my feelings and perceptions, and also, a great love for my body is flowering after years and years of being so hard on it."

O.P., Switzerland

"The 9 week series with Kerri has been amazing - I've found a greater sense of peace and confidence in myself. The tools I have learnt on the course are invaluable in everyday life and make it much more playful. The best thing is that it is really simple too - so I recommend the 9 week series to everyone!"

H.B., London, UK

The first thing I noticed was that the relationship with the mind and the body changed. My whole bodily experience has changed - the way I move, the way it feels. The other thing is that I noticed a change in the way my mind observes my body. There are different tones of how I’m watching, like “what’s wrong” or “Is something hurting” is what I’m used to. It’s fear based. Now that’s been replaced with a more friendly kind of watching. The mind is now more friends with the body.

M.D., Germany

I also resonate with gaining a greater sense of who I am and letting go of the other stuff, like, “OH! This is who I am!” And I also find that I like myself better, that I’m being gentler with myself and accepting, which allows me to jump in when my ego takes me for a ride. I recognize that it’s an ego trip of some kind, that there’s something driving me that’s other-than myself."

D.B., San Jose, CA

"I'm beginning to feel the amazing freedom there is in feeling all there is to feel without identifying with the sensations. That's simply over-awesome!

That's a huuuge relief, as well as a feeling of acute centeredness. It's also profoundly empowering to know that I don't have to endorse judgments and to actually be able to feel the difference - how it feels when I embody judgment, and how it feels when I don't.

O.P., Switzerland