Spiritually Gifted Audiobook

Spiritually Gifted Audiobook


Written and narrated by Kerri Lake.

Kerri’s candid narrative invites you right into her emotions, thoughts and experiences. Spiritually Gifted shares the logic of a gifted child illuminated with insights from later in life as Kerri grows into her ability to teach and guide.

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(Click play to listen to the beginning of Chapter 2, “What A Three Year Old Knows”)

Gifts of awareness are often said to be both a blessing and a curse.

As a young child, Kerri Lake was aware. Communicating with animals and nature came naturally. Learning to navigate a world of human judgments and inconsistencies without losing her connection to love became her greatest challenge.

Kerri’s candid narrative invites you right into her emotions, thoughts and experiences. Spiritually Gifted shares the logic of a gifted child illuminated with insights from later in life as Kerri grows into her ability to teach and guide.

Through a lifetime of experience, she learns that the only distinction between a blessing and a curse is judgment of how comfortable we are with the outcomes.


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Every person on the planet is waking up to a new way of being.

For thousands of years, this awakening has been known, supported and guided by ancient mystics, shamans and swamis. Higher states of consciousness were limited to the very few whose purpose on the planet was to know the light of divinity and share that light through both their own beingness and the methods that guide others.

The year 1987 saw an energetic event birth the possibility of a new paradigm of consciousness. This event is known as the Harmonic Convergence. Signifying both the death of the old and the birth of the new, these auspicious moments held the love and attention of thousands of people around the world. You can call it the “New Age”, the “Age Of Aquarius” or simply a new paradigm. Every label is talking about the heart of humanity stepping out of perpetual conflict and competition into something that has never happened before - the whole of humanity connected through the heart, living in harmony with life.

The only way to live in this connection is for individuals to know their own heart first. As each is connected to the whole, each one affects the whole. We are at the very beginning stages of generating harmony through this connection. There are a lot of old, crusty belief systems, competitions, greed and domination yet to play out as more individuals claim their heart connection and begin to live in this priority. But it has begun and there is no going back.

Some people’s awakening will feel easier than others. Some will struggle mightily. Some will refuse to make the shift. Each one will have the same opportunities to shine as they claim and live with their heart wide open. Suffering is optional.

My journey is an example of a person with a gifted awareness of this new paradigm who is caught in the stubbornness of trying to make new things happen in old ways. Sharing the bumps and bruises with you will hopefully shine a light in collectively dark places so you don’t have to bounce off the same walls I did.

There will be more and more people born who are already aware of the lightness of being, of our option to share this planet without the predatory competition we’ve come to see as a normal part of human nature. To be very clear, predatory domination is taught. The true nature of humanity rises continuously in love. Those who know this innately will still need guidance to navigate the physical world without getting caught up in the ego, in the arrogance that suggests humanity’s role is to control divine nature. The parents of these gifted ones will provide the best guidance by knowing their own heart first and leading by example.

Ultimately, everyone’s journey is exactly as it must be to illuminate what works for the heart and what doesn’t. As stubborn as I have been, I was handed situation after situation from a benevolent source, offering me perpetual opportunities to stop repeating what doesn’t work. With great compassion, I finally had the courage to see myself without judgment and begin to walk in a new way. It is my honor to share the journey with you.

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