Pure Presence Audio Series

Pure Presence Audio Series


This series was recorded in 2013 at the same time Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance was being written. Today in 2017 there has been an evolution in how I share the information and the tools available to help you explore and expand your own abilities.

If you'd like a sweet and gentle journey through the tone, perspectives and awareness that align you with your own natural state of being, this series is for you! If you'd like to dive in deeper, consider joining me in the 9 Week Series.

**Without the illusion of a "correct" way to communicate, this audio narrative shares insight on how we already do connect and where we might take our connection for both pragmatic and esoteric purposes. The simplicity can be startling.

Download 7 audio files in the series with an extra audio describing a tool that will assist your innate abilities. 

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Streaming audio titles include: 

  • "Why Would I Connect With The Animal Kingdom"
  • "How Do I Connect With The Animal Kingdom"
  • "Animal Consciousness"
  • "Human Consciousness"
  • "Stepping Into The Absence of Judgment"
  • "A Conversation In Presence"