Listen Like A Horse

Listen Like A Horse


Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance
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True equality is the absence of judgment. Throughout our time and activities with animals, they perpetually lead by example: how to live in community, how to let others be exactly who they are, and how to allow ourselves the same freedom.”

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Listen Like A Horse is a narrative story about the time and interactions shared by Kerri and Cooper, a gifted gelding whose playful communications had been misunderstood and handled with dominance.

Infused with perspectives and tools of communication between horses and people, the story invokes and reveals awareness and insight for relationships not just with animals, but with other people and within ourselves.

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This is a marvelous book, one that is more like a “meditation” as understood in the western sense of contemplation on an idea.

It hits “below the mind” and in the heart, and opens up new avenues of self-discovery and understanding, which is just what the author intends it to do, I believe.
— M.B., Nashville, TN