Energetic Work, Listening & Healing For Animals - Replay

Energetic Work, Listening & Healing For Animals - Replay


A two hour video conference sharing tools, perspectives and guidance for humans to be a healing presence for animals. You receive a link to both the video replay and an audio-only version that you can download.

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Listening is healing. Listening is energetic work. Listening is often overlooked as something passive, but it is one of the most profound gifts of action we have to offer. 

This event will help you address healing for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. All species welcome! 

Animals listen without judgment. Humans can, too. It requires the willingness to feel without agenda. With all of the modalities and techniques available, we have a lot of options! But among the diversity is a simplicity that is common to every method of healing. I'd like to share this with you and give you an experience so you can bring this level of grace into your own relationships with the animals and people in your life.

You may already be aware of these things, but sometimes it really helps to revisit the foundation of who we are and what we have to offer one another. I'll share awareness, clarity, guidance and energetic work in a way that you will feel yourself activated in ways that you can immediately use to benefit the animals in your life. 

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, I hope you will find some benefit for your own lifestream as I share mine with you.