January 22nd, 2020 Teleconference

Jayne Forster and Kerri Lake

How To Say What You Feel

(without self-destructing)

When you speak from your heart, you speak without judgment. The tone of your own voice vibrates with a truth that relaxes the body, even in an intense conversation. Come to know and recognize this sense within yourself. It is the foundation of your own relationship between your mind and your heart, and it is what lets your heart radiate throughout the universe.

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When: January 22, 2020
4pm PDT

Where: Online
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This is a 90 minute teleconference helping you to navigate relationships with an open heart. When you are no longer afraid of what you actually feel, you are free to express yourself with clarity and compassion. Learn profoundly simple tools to discern and address emotions, whether they are yours or another's, and know the experience of harmony no matter where you are or what's going on around you.

Kerri’s programs in Intuitive Self-Awareness are now being requested in several countries, contributing to the expansion and development of individuals and groups in so many walks of life.

In this event, Kerri will share insight and clarity about this topic and all else that presents.

The types of questions we get to address in these events are, but are not limited to:

How do I know I can trust my intuition?

What is my light-beingness and how do I get to it?

How do I help others feel light as well?

How do I create relationships without judgment?

How do I listen to other people without absorbing their energy?

Do I have to always protect myself energetically, or is there another way?

What is the ego - am I the ego?

What is presence?

Is it possible to heal trauma without re-living the experience?

How do I feel joyful when there is so much darkness?

How do I know when I’m feeling myself or someone else?

Why are we here?

How do I live from my heart?

What is the heart?

How is animal consciousness different than human consciousness?

Can I be the person my dog thinks I am?

Can the mind ever really be happy?

Do I have to destroy the ego to be happy?

How do I know which professional to trust, or which advice is best for me?

Can I truly reclaim myself from past experiences?

What does it mean to “be human differently?”