May 30th, 2019 Online with Jayne Forster and Kerri Lake

Jayne Forster and Kerri Lake

Jayne Forster and Kerri Lake

A free online talk about

Listening, connection and communication

Join Jayne and me as we talk about our journey with horses, opening our hearts and minds, and the work we do that guides people to live in a new way, in harmony with life.

Of course it’s about the horses…but it’s also about your heart, and so much more…

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When: May 30, 11:00am PDT
(19h GMT)

Where: Online
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Mindfulness, communication, self-awareness … there’s a reason why these are huge topics not only in the self-development world, but also now in working with animals and people alike. As we evolve though, we seem to always come back to the simplest awareness, that listening through the heart opens all the doors.

Jayne teaches Waterhole Rituals®, a system of connection and communication with horses developed by Carolyn Resnick. Courageously walking her own path, Jayne has brought together a community of people whose hearts are touched by the communication and learning. Jayne will say she’s just a farmer, but it’s clear she’s so much more.

Kerri’s “Listen Like A Horse” programs are now being requested in several countries, contributing to the expansion and development of individuals and groups in so many walks of life.

Join Jayne and Kerri for this free event! We’ll share a bit of the wisdom and goodness that comes in the live events and even take a few questions!

This is a precursor to the upcoming in-person events happening in Wales, September 10 - 15, 2019

Listen Like A Horse - Wales, September 10 - 13, 2019
Waterhole Rituals® - Wales, September 14 - 15, 2019