9 Week Series begins January 11, 2018

The foundational series for Generation Of Harmony. The next series begins January 11, 2018.

At first I thought 9 weeks was a really long time, but I’m glad it’s 9 weeks...I definitely feel like we’re building on a foundation here.
— B.T., Wilton, CA

Clarity in sensory awareness acutally has a lot to do with re-educating the mind. New vocabulary, new ways of using vocabulary, and a different kind of prioritizing help the mind function in friendship rather than control. This is a big part of what I’d like to share with you, what I’ve been shown, gifted and mastered.

This is not to create “the next latest and greatest thing,” this is to provide you with a very expansive sense of your Self, trying on new perspectives so that you might come to new levels of awareness of your Self, your Presence and the scope of connection with the horses, with your clients and beyond. 

The animals are, as you know, magnificently pure communicators of what they sense and feel. They will respond to you with total honesty. The games I’ll share with you, the awareness and suggestions you might take out into your world will be for your exploration of your Self. I will share with you perspectives around listening to animals and people and interpreting their responses a little differently than what’s been taught.

I also find that I like myself better, that I’m being gentler with myself and accepting, which allows me to jump in when my ego takes me for a ride.
— D.B., San Jose, CA

This 9-week series may be quite different than other courses on facilitation! It is an exploration of your relationship with yourself, your innate ability with sensory awareness and the ease of living with an open heart.

I offer insight, perspective, tools and direction to guide you to your brilliant self-empowered discovery. Your input and contributions are an invaluable contribution to the whole.

My vision for this work is to educate and empower facilitators, teachers, guides, parents, leaders and all whose heart calls for a continuing education in their own abilities as a human. Start where you are and know that your expansion is limitless.

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