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Being The First

Although it’s not a contest, there is always one who will be first among a soul group in retrieving all aspects of their soul. No matter what the outer behaviors might be of others around that one, the entire soul group is cheering for the one who goes first. At the heart, they all celebrate the one who neutralizes the iron shavings and integrates the fragments that were drawn at any time away from the wholeness. This one, whole and integrated, transcends the repetitive patterns of the soul group and begins to create a new way of being, unattached to repetitive patterns. 

In other words, individuals may evolve beyond the repetitive interactions based on “who did what to whom.” When one does transcend beyond the group, everyone benefits. There is always one who is first to ascend.

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Feel The Absence Of Fault

How does it feel to no longer buy into the suggestion that you are broken? What does the body feel like to explore the sensations of not making other people's opinions "my fault"? 

Playing with the sensory realms is all about expanding your heart through your whole body. 

Living with kindness for ourselves, with kindness for our own mind, with kindness for the way I've walked in the world is still pretty uncommon. Yet it is natural! 

This is a brief walk through sensing a way of being that we may never have felt before, a level of compassion that honors the difficulties we may have been through. Honoring our own journey in this way opens the door to feel free from the self-judgments that we've been conditioned to place above our wellness. 

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It's amazing how many messages are now shared for not being hard on one's self! Be kind to yourself. What a beautiful beginning.

The thing is, coming from an environment of subconscious punishments, how can you know what being kind in your own motivation feels like? How does it feel to act from kindness, even if that action is so familiar it usually runs on auto-pilot?

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