You Are Not An Ego

You are not actually an ego.

The ego is an aspect of consciousness that humanity dances with collectively, like a common field of frequency that all have access to. There are not 9 billion egos, there is the egoic field of consciousness that 9 billion minds interpret collectively yet uniquely from the consciousness of survival in physical perception. It is the carnal collective and provides many common interpretations like “more is better” and “pain is bad” and “comfort is good” and “us or them.”

In an old paradigm the language was different. “Kill the ego” is language designed for human minds who are still identified with the egoic level of consciousness. “Killing” paints a picture that can suggest it’s possible to be without something, and that there is power in being without that something. At one point, that was the necessary language to inspire new perspectives and actions.

Today we are in a different consciousness and capable of different, more subtle yet more clear language and concepts.

Where at one time we might have sought to “kill” the ego, today we can simply recognize “ego” as the word that describes a survival filter, the sex/power/greed generator. The filter has been colored and built from many experiences in the physical world, and it carries the densities of many judgments of those experiences, many identities built from those experiences. Trying to kill something you identify with is simply maintaining a war, bolstering the self-importance of the egoic consciousness so that it continues to exist and maintain. It’s sticky! Addressing the ego directly can feel like death because death of a physical identity is exactly what the egoic consciousness has grown to defend against.

You are the creator consciousness of the heart. It is a different frequency of the purity of creation. It is both a collective and a uniqueness. Like a musical note, we can be unique and harmonize in and through creation.

It is the uniqueness of human consciousness that can recognize and realize through the physical world the option to stop choosing anything other than the purity of the heart. To stop choosing anything other is to realize the expression of your true nature in harmony with creation.

Now, others will still be dancing with the egoic level of consciousness. Your unique expression, even when you know ego-less consciousness, will still harmonize in a creation that includes ego-identity. It’s all good. One expression of purity has a far higher frequency than the carnal identification. One expression of purity opens the way for others to adjust their harmonies.

This is the gift of our human consciousness. We have the freedom and ability to choose - go against your nature (egoic drive to defend an identity) or stop going against your nature.

The mind identified with ego might say “if I just stop, there is nothing to do! Life will end!”

And for that facet of ego, yes!

To stop defending an identity is to begin to live from the facet of you that is nature. Nature self-perpetuates. Humanity is included in nature and can experience the sense and knowing of being embraced by all of creation as we reclaim our own mind from the collective influence of an egoic realm of consciousness. It requires a different set of skills. Truly. To live in a body with no mental state of offense or defense is so foreign. The mind can be re-educated to respond to and serve the heart above egoic consciousness. It just takes a commitment to a priority other than survival, popularity, power or ownership. The existence of a priority other than those things is still pretty new to the conscious awareness of the human species.