Recognizing Value

Humanity's perceptions are changing. It’s bringing everything hidden out into the open! The darkness and low integrity we now see is not new. It has always been there.

The difference now is that we’re able to see through, straight into the structures, ideologies, governmental systems, corporatology, consumerism, and cultivated self-hatred being peddled on a global scale. Huge reservoirs of greed and domination reveal themselves with each whistle blown. As the old, crusty systems are revealed, people are starting to perceive these as systems that no longer serve the direction humanity now has the creativity and freedom to go.

It’s pretty awesome evolution, because that also means people are beginning to perceive value beyond what they are sold. They are beginning to truly see the immeasurable value of life. They’re starting to see that systems of domination and greed are not built to honor the value of life.

Buckminster Fuller's quote is more poignant now than ever, "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

If we are going to create a new model of "being human," and humans are conditioned to dominate, where will that be generated from? This is where they heart comes in.

The current model has been generated from an economic world view. It's built on the suggestion that more is better. The system rewards those with the willingness and ability of one person or faction to have or take more. Value is measured by counting objects or papers or numbers on a screen to see who has more and who has less and how the more or less might be redistributed. This economic system requires humans to identify with it, to give the power of their awareness away to systemic measurements and live a conditioned life controlled by others who know more about the game, who have their fingers in different pots, who are perhaps more willing to give their own power away to a dominant force that has nothing to do with life and everything to do with ownership.

If you tune into your heart right now, if you feel that place in your body where not only your physical heart beats but also your energetic heart nourishes your body, you can begin to recognize a different model of value. As you tune into your heart, you begin to feel your own existence. You can truly experience yourself. And you can let yourself begin to perceive your innate connection with the existence of others. This is the life that we all share.

A new model of "how to be and do human things" will not happen if the focus remains on economic systems. New, “conscious” models of economics will re-tread the same systems from a different awareness if they are built to fight an existing reality. A re-tread is neither good nor bad, and it may be what works in the short-term. Humanity will still need systems to manage economies and interact with one another around the planet. Our perception of value will only truly change when the priority shifts to the experience in our own bodies that is "connected with life.”

This is the foundation of the spiritual concept of "love yourself first." When you prioritize, feel and sense the life moving through your own body, your mind begins to process the world differently. You feel love simply because you exist, and you begin to value your own existence.

Notice that you still have full command of your intellect, but your intellect is now free to organize information differently than an indoctrinated system suggests. You may begin to realize that economics don't happen unless humans participate. You may begin to feel and sense that participation is the real value in anything - your participation, your awareness is what power fights for.

As we watch the familiar systems of consumerism, domination and greed crumble around us, as we watch the dark workings that were previously hidden come to light, you can actively create a new model by making a priority of connecting with your heart, even as you watch the news, even as you go about your day. Your participation in a new model is the greatest application of value. Watch how your own opinions shift and change, watch for yourself where you'd like to place your awareness and how you prioritize your own life.

The economic models want your awareness prioritized for the perpetuation of the model. They want you to be looking at how everyone else is or is not playing the game. They want to dominate your consciousness so you continue to participate in an old paradigm.

Prioritize your heart, even as simply as being aware of your physical body right where the heart lives. Feel your body just because it's there. Feel the body because it is your portal to life. Your body is the only way you can feel and perceive life. As you do, just by taking command of your own awareness and how you use it, you are beginning to generate a different model of "how to be a human."

Earning love, justifying that you deserve love or even defending your value is an attempt to apply an old economic model of predatory capitalism to a reality of divine freedom. There is no computational model for the value of your presence. Economic models suggest that you need to earn the right to live. Life doesn't work like that. Life is already happening through you, as you, through your heart. Your presence is evidence of your value.

Take your awareness to your presence, to your heart, and then go do what you do. The grace of life, connected through us all, moves us to create a world that acknowledges and nourishes life, simply because we exist. Economies will be re-created by people who prioritize life.

All sorts of science stands behind all of this, but ultimately what's valuable is your experience of your heart.

Feel through your heart and your perceptions shift to perpetuate life for everyone. Let this be the priority of your awareness, and you speed up the whole dance! This is the direction humanity is moving anyway. Watch it unfold through you, as you, in your relationships at work and with your beloveds.

Your awareness matters. Your presence matters.