Your Presence Is The Real Value

Life is not an economic system - existence of an economic system requires your belief in its definition of value.

Life is self-perpetuating - it's existence provides value for more life whether you believe it or not.

Equating value with money herds people into a belief that their value can be measured economically. It is a great disempowerment.

The value of life cannot be measured. It can be acknowledged and honored through the way humanity interacts with itself and others.

When life is the priority, economic systems will flourish.

This is simply because the abundance of life excludes nothing.

Economic systems exist to perpetuate themselves alone, using or excluding that which cannot be measured by its definitions.

Unfamiliar as it might be, the great shift available to us is to recognize when humanity is being influenced to identify with an economic system.

Recognition alone offers the freedom to expand and think beyond that system.

Fabricated systems are designed for your apathy and ignorance. Life is designed for your vitality and expression of love, passion and relationship.

Learn how to feel life and apply an economic system from that foundation.

Let economic systems serve you rather than you living in service to a fabricated system.

You are not a dollar. Life is not money. Money is not life.

The way to know this is to feel. Your sense of life exists far beyond the reach of money.

To know this for yourself is profoundly simple and readily pragmatic within the life you already lead. It is the fundamental shift in awareness that creates everything differently on this planet.

It can only happen one person at a time. Each of these "one person at a times" though can start to recognize the other "one persons" and share a smile of knowing.

It has already begun.

It is beyond economics and beyond spirituality.

It is life happening, loud and clear.

You'll feel it, through your heart. It might feel intense, but intense and gentle can happen at the same time.

Life is not dollars. Life is life. Dollars will keep happening when the priority is life. It's just how the system is designed.

You are not an economy any more than you are a shopping mall.

You are life.

And your presence is the real value.

Kerri LakeComment