Life As Motivation

Animals do not spend time thinking about their own survival. They simply live. 

Survival itself happens without contemplation. Infants have no mental concept of survival, they just live. The idea of survival is something humans teach as a means of motivation. It’s been programmed and conditioned into the collective sub-phyche to the degree that the fear of losing this motivation runs nearly 80% of our lives. 

Survival is simply a motivation, should you choose to engage with it. Alternate motivations do exist. 

Lion prides do not have meetings to decide which evening is the most efficient for hunting. They simply feel the state of their bodies, the state of their environment, and when it's time to hunt, there is a knowing. There is action. Antelope have no concern about being near to lions who are not hunting - everyone can feel the difference between a hunting lion and a resting lion. There is no existential conflict among lions, checking their astrology charts to see if the hunt will be better eight days after the full moon or nine. 

Animals’ motivation for action is life, not death. The option of life as a motivation is natural, and you can choose it at any time. What you’ll need to know though, is how to feel your own body alive, how to think toward life rather than escaping death - they are different thought patterns. You’ll benefit from exploring the absence of judgment and learning how to utilize the information provided by sensations throughout the body. 

Life does not require you to have a particular profession or expression. The closer your actions resemble the love in your heart, you get to watch life happen for you in ways you would never see if you were simply escaping death. 

Life is available, my friends. It might require a different sort of education to navigate, but I’m confindent you’re up for it! 



Photo courtesy of Gregory Colbert and Ashes And Snow

Kerri LakeComment