One At A Time

World peace really does happen one person at a time. You can't have a war for world peace...even within yourself.

My journey has been full of war. It's been mostly a war between what I think I'm supposed to be and all that I actually am.

Whatever the conflict is, trying to diagnose a solution can only get you so far. Be aware of the direction you are going. As you get more clarity for any reason behind any conflict, the way through it will be to change the way you function, to see a bigger picture and to move in the direction of what actually works at this time.

Every day I feel the push and the pull of ideas about what I should and shouldn't be, what I should and shouldn't do. I feel the judgments. And I don't fight them.

I'm not trying to create peace here. What I'm doing is recognizing with great clarity the difference between the presence of conflict and the presence of harmony. And then, I open myself to move in the direction of harmony.

The best part is watching everything around me come into harmony when that is my priority - it doesn't require a diagnosis or identification of who did what to whom. Harmony conducts itself. I am a part of that innately, and I am no longer choosing to be anything else.

Kerri Lake1 Comment