Let Fear Be What It Is

I'd like to say "don't fear", but that's kind of like saying "don't think about a purple giraffe."

Let fear be what it is - it's something you feel.

Fear that actually let's you know your life is in danger feels different than the fear of anxiety. When you begin to get familiar with fear, all its different flavors and tones, you begin to see that your own presence is bigger than fear. You begin to notice that you have the ability to perceive fear as something you feel, take a breath, and open to a new perspective of what might actually serve you.

The sensations of fear are compelling. I know! But again, let's just let it be what it is. It's compelling. That doesn't take away the truth that fear is just something we feel.

Courage to have a relationship with sensations of fear (and other things) may take a lot of deep breaths at first. The mind is accustomed to reacting when the body provides sensations. Seeing fear for what it is though lets the mind start to get clear about whether the sensations really require action or if it would beneficial to simply bring awareness to the sensations.

Awareness generates movement. When the body communicates sensations of fear (or something else) and you bring your awareness to the sensations, watch the movement. Don't hold on. The sensations of fear begin to move - they don't stay stuck in your cells. You begin to feels the sensations of movement. Movement opens the way for clarity.

I'll admit, it takes a little bit of practice to play with fear as the sensation that it is. Fear is compelling. Conditioned responses can be a bugger.

Now is the time though, to claim your awareness, to claim your body and to let the mind know that the heart really does have some pretty good ideas on how to navigate this whole "life" thing. The heart has no judgment and works beautifully with the clarity of sensations. Be open to new levels of intimacy with what you sense, what your body feels. Emotionally, energetically, physically, fearfully. Sensations are information. Breathe. Bring your awareness to what you sense, to the information as the body presents it. You don't even have to know what to call it - it's a sensation, bring your awareness right there. Breathe. Let it move. Let it be in motion.

Motion is natural. Stagnancy is not. Awareness generates motion. Sensations can be intense and gentle at the same time, when they are allowed to be in motion. There is no way to be correct. Or incorrect. It's just life, in motion.

Kerri LakeComment