Clear Your Own Atmosphere

This article was published by Wake-Up World, an Australian Blog, in 2013. The article itself was written in 2008.


Clear Your Own Atmosphere

And Integrated Perspective On Climate Change

Do you know what it feels like to stand next to someone who is comfortable in their own skin? There is a sense of acceptance and space to breathe. It feels like permission for us all to be ourselves, comfortable in our own skin – if we choose.

From within this state, our natural state of being is balanced, in harmony within ourselves, without conflict. Communication is effortless. Health is effortless. Left unobstructed, our emotions, minds and physical bodies find their balance, an innate sense of wellness and health.

Our planet operates in kind.

As beings on this Earth, our energies, our individual and collective consciousness interact with the diverse expression of oceans, land, creatures and atmosphere. Our thoughts and communications – our authentic expression – affects planetary health, magnetics, and consequently the air, water and other natural dynamics of the planet.

Each one does affect the whole.

Is the planet truly in trouble?

Giant meteor crashes, super-volcano eruptions that filled the atmosphere with nitrogen, ice ages that created a planetary hypothermia that meant the end of most surface life… Is there anything we can do to this planet that exceeds what it has already recovered from in its past?

Is fighting for the planet the most effective perspective? Or does fighting, even toward a goal of conservation, just create more to recover from?

Are we really worried about the planet or are we just trying to get our own attention?

The minds of humans have been fighting with our selves, individually and as a species, for thousands of years. We’ve altered our lives in response to a sense of need and worry that somehow we’re missing something, that we need “more” and “better”. In the relatively recent past, we’ve fueled the creations of these driving thoughts in ways that consume planetary resources and create waste. This physical waste represents the byproducts of our inner and outer feuds.

Our collective minds conceive that we can create life to be somehow more perfect than it already is. This mental process is absolutely natural to human beings, and we are irreplaceable, beautiful members of planetary life. The churning of the collective human mind, and the resulting byproducts, are no less natural than a forest fire and its resulting ash. What we’re seeing on the planet is not unnatural. It’s the result of a collective consciousness pushing very hard for a very long time to be more of what we already are.

Climate change is the planet’s way of expressing the collective effect of “thinking too much”, working too hard from the mind, and trying to push hard to be something we already are.

Worrying about what’s wrong, what needs to be done and what needs fixing inevitably finds more to fix than we were looking for. Worry is hard work. Basically constituted of rampant thoughts with no direction and no balance, worry, fixing, pity, judgment and finding what’s “wrong” all burn our innate intuitive resources, creating the metaphoric “carbon” particles within our own personal atmosphere that causes the pollution of our human body.

In our body, this pollution can show up as disease, ailment and imbalance. On the planet it looks like holes in the ozone, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and dramatic climate changes.

The approach so far has been to fight for the health of the planet, to fight for the resolution to cancer, to fight for peace. But fighting for health is no longer a viable paradigm.

How can we affect climate changes?

The field of theoretical quantum physics is playing with various provable connections between human consciousness and physical matter. Science is beginning to catch up to the observable truth that our thoughts, words and perceptions change life as it is all around us.

As human consciousness expands – and it expands constantly – conversations and contributions that come strictly from the judgmental “fix-it” mind find themselves with less and less solid ground supporting their argument. Perspectives looking for something to fix, looking for what is wrong and how to fight for resolution, lead always to the overwhelming sense of our impending destruction.

But conversations born in the heart, that acknowledge the life present in all things, that honor the perpetual and already existent communication of a global community find resonance in unlikely circles. Communities form out of simple connections and we support each other to share our innate gifts. Remembering our option to share who we are, our authenticity, creates space in our own atmosphere, the Earth’s atmosphere, to return to homeostasis.

We can treat the cause, the core, the record and the effect of our collective push; restore the authenticity within, and give the body – and the planet – the space to clear itself, to find it’s innate homeostasis. Like a pendulum, life will invariably find balance… unless held forcibly off center.

Be the change you wish to see

As we share our authentic expression with one other, the planet experiences this vibrational resonance of clarity and acceptance. Spanning immeasurable distances, it is felt by all others at amplifications our scientific instruments are yet to recognize. Like radio waves, the vibrations of our heartfelt expressions are present, despite our unconsciousness of them. Some choose to join the resonance. Others cannot wait to run away. It’s all good.

Our supposedly imperceptible effect penetrates the consciousness all around us, like one smiling person on a rainy day. It’s not about getting together in a huge group to generate a monstrous vibration. It’s about being the vibration in each conversation, carrying it with you to the next conversation, comfortable in your own skin.

The eternal Mahatma Ghandi said it best – “be the change you wish to see”. Clear your own atmosphere. Slow the push to be the perfection you already are. Find and express the open authenticity that is your innate nature. It’s that simple.

Give simply to experience giving. Help to experience helping. Share to experience sharing. Act for the authentic effect of the experience. As you are authentic, you resonate comfort in your own skin, and this changes the atmosphere of the planet. What do you want to experience?

Authenticity is effortless. There are no heady conversations necessary to prove our authenticity, to prove that we exist, that we’re smart or valuable. Authenticity just is. It is the truth for each one of us in any moment, and it clears space. It clears the atmosphere.

Climate change is not a problem to be solved. It’s an invitation to us to lead by example, to live authentically – whatever that means to us – in and among these modern societies that have developed over thousands of years. As we each have less to prove and live more to experience ourselves, our own personal atmospheres clear up and our own bodies remember harmony, homeostasis, naturally.

The Earth is supporting the expansion of our collective consciousness as living creatures. Humans are not the only ones! We can lead by example, however, for each other and for those to come. Your authentic expression can be within whatever structure you choose to play with – corporate, business, poetry, education, animals, music, government, crime, health, whatever.

When you are a person in a position to affect a great number of others (which describes us all), find the comfort in your own skin and give from there – whether it’s money, time or talent. Say what you mean, express how you feel. Clear your own atmosphere. There’s no feeling like it when you know you’re there.

You can’t do it wrong and you will never be alone…. the whole planet is supporting you.


About the author:

Writer and facilitator Kerri Lake communicates from an integrated perspective of creator consciousness and equality among all species and dimensions, inviting the absence of judgment and the fullest embodiment of Divine essence. Through 1-1 sessions, group events and public speaking, she shares tools and awareness, and articulates subtle but profound aspects of consciousness with humor, lightness and truth.