Being The First

The soul is a term we use to describe the aspect of us that carries decisions, patterns and information forward from experience to experience. Whether we speak about the experience of one lifetime or many, the soul records the experiences identified as life-changing and important. A soul group is a group of unique beings sharing relationships and experiences that span from lifetime to lifetime.

Interactions and conclusions about “what happened and who did what to whom and how everyone responded" generate a magnetic charge that can bring us together or repel us from one another. Members of a soul group continue to orbit one another, attracting and repelling, from one lifestream to the next. That is, until individuals transcend the soul group. 

In other words, individuals may evolve beyond the repetitive interactions based on “who did what to whom.” When one does transcend beyond the group, everyone benefits. There is always one who is first to ascend.

Ascension is a term for living in a way that raises our individual frequency as human beings, creators in physical form. The collective frequency of a soul group also ascends with its individuals. A higher frequency isn’t “better” than a lower frequency any more than green is “better” than red. Living at a higher frequency just provides different experiences, awarenesses and abilities.

As we travel through various lifestreams, we have experiences - many are routine, others are tremendously intense. Some feel great, others feel horrible. The ones that feel intensely overwhelming, whether great or horrible, can cause soul fragmentation.

Whether an experience was intensely wonderful or intensely horrible, there can be part of us that says, “This is how it will be forever!” Part of our soul can split away from the whole self, remaining magnetically charged and identified with the experience. That fragment of the soul sees no life beyond that experience. 

We may have shared a life of profound love with another. The soul may not see life existing beyond this experience of intense love and leave part of itself in that dimension. A fragment of the soul remains in the loop of emotional experience. When a part of the soul stops expanding, the soul is fragmented and no longer evolving as a whole. This is when you might hear someone say, “I left part of myself in that relationship,” or “I am deathly afraid of snakes.”

Dying in battle, losing love, living with command of an entire population, being persecuted, imprisoned or simply winning a contest can all provide the kind of intensity that might lock part of a soul in the dimension of that experience. I’ll give you a couple of ways to conceptualize “dimensions” and “fragments” in this light.  

If you have seen the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve, you’ll remember the "bad guys", General Zod and his two mates. They were banished from Krypton for their crimes against the people. To remove them from the planet without killing them, Jar El and the Council banished their energetic and physical presence to a crystalline dimension that existed outside time and in its own space. The only thing that would free them from this sentence was the shattering of the crystalline dimension. They were suspended in another plane of existence. This “other plane” is a way to conceptualize a dimension that holds a fragment of a soul living perpetually without progressing in time. 

A way to look at fragmenting is a little more mundane. Think about a little puddle, or bubble of water on a smooth tabletop. The water will sit on the tabletop as one complete round bubble unless it’s disturbed. 

Now, think about sprinkling some fine iron shavings into the water bubble. Iron has a magnetic charge. Water holds onto it. And if you bring a magnet toward the bubble, the iron shavings will be attracted to the magnet and take some of the water with them. 

Water remains water, whether it’s hanging on to the iron or if it’s integrated with the whole bubble. When a magnet pulls on the iron shavings, the water hanging on to the iron shavings has simply fragmented off of the whole water bubble. 

Let’s let the water bubble be the soul and the iron fragments be the soul’s decisions/judgments about “good” or “bad” experiences. Interactions with others in our life(s) are the magnets that can draw the iron shavings, merged with fragments of water, away from the whole water bubble. The stronger the magnet, i.e. the more emotionally intense a situation is, the stronger the pull away from the whole. If we have a lot of very intense experiences as we travel from life to life (or even within just one lifestream), we can experience a magnetic pull that causes fragments of our soul to stay adhered to the “iron shavings” drawn toward the “magnet”. The fragments remain in a dimension where time is suspended.

Repetitive patterns and emotional experiences happen when the charge on the iron shavings remains high. The fragments/judgments continue to be attracted to the magnets/interactions and aspects of the soul remain locked in another dimension of experience. Soul retrieval, or re-integration of the fragments, is a function of rendering the iron shavings neutral, with no charge that would be drawn to a magnet. After all, the water is still water, whether it’s fragmented or part of the original bubble - given the opportunity, fragments will happily reintegrate into the whole.

Connecting with others of our soul group is a blessing on the journey of neutralizing the charge on the “iron shavings”. Our soul group will bring awareness of the magnetic charge right to the front of our awareness. A great example are our biological families. They provide the perfect motivation to neutralize and reclaim the fragments that were given away to or taken away by highly emotional responses to very intense interactions. 

Neutralizing the charge can be an intense experience itself in that we get to recognize a pattern and respond differently than what feels automatic. A new response to an old impulse diffuses the power, or neutralizes the charge of the “magnet”. Living with this kind of awareness is living multidimensionally on purpose. 

There are many healing modalities that address soul group interactions, soul retrieval, soul regression, quantum healing, and others. The modalities are here to speed up the journey! Ultimately, each of these modalities serves to recognize soul fragments and reclaim them energetically. It doesn’t have to take years of regression therapy or loads of emotional upheaval. By engaging with those in our soul group with the awareness that the purpose is to integrate the soul and walk without repeating the emotional, judgmental fragments, the interactions with the soul group begin to change, to ascend naturally and cease to repeat old patterns. It takes just one member of the soul group walking with awareness to incite the ascension of the whole group.

Although it’s not a contest, there is always one who will be first among a soul group in retrieving all aspects of their soul. No matter what the outer behaviors might be of others around that one, the entire soul group is cheering for the one who goes first. At the heart, they all celebrate the one who neutralizes the iron shavings and integrates the fragments that were drawn at any time away from the wholeness. This one, whole and integrated, transcends the repetitive patterns of the soul group and begins to create a new way of being, unattached to repetitive patterns. 

Love of and for everyone, every aspect of the group only grows, amplifies and expands. Their transcendence communicates the absence of adherence to the magnetics maintaining a soul group dynamic. In other words, the iron shavings no longer carry a charge and do not respond to magnets.

One transcending neutralizes the magnetics for the whole. When the first one integrates, it will be easier for others of the soul group to see and neutralize their own emotional/dimensional charges. No matter how unfamiliar or how uncomfortable the change may be, everyone wins.

The soul is not the full definition of who we are. There is a creator essence that is a higher frequency, a more expanded state of being than what we know as a soul. For thousands of years the practices to know one’s self as a soul have been the map to spiritual freedom. Enough of us know that we are more than our bodies - we have access now to know ourselves beyond the soul. 

You are much more than you’ve been taught.