Consciousness Creates

The consciousness of humanity is creative. Consciousness creates. 

In all of our time in physical form, there have been those with the consciousness and awareness to create on the largest scales - beyond personal, beyond societal, beyond planetary. Creation is also happening at levels beyond the soul. 

This is not to deny our understanding of evolution. Evolution is also happening at the same time. We have plenty of evidence. And, it is human consciousness that created our understanding of evolution. Creation and evolution nourish and inform each other so that humanity can create again and again and again. Remove creation from the religious context, even for a moment, and whole new worlds open up. 

Most people are not aware of this idea, that creation happens at any level much less on the most expansive of levels. Science fiction, fantasy stories and myths ease the collective consciousness into ideas not yet provable by science. The greatest evolution for humanity in this period of time is an evolution of consciousness, of awareness. Our capacity to see, connect and come together is evolving. Our idea of what constitutes healthy is evolving. Our world-view is evolving. 

I bring up creation beyond souls to introduce this realm of awareness. My consciousness, a human consciousness, can conceive of a realm from which souls were created once upon a time. My ability to conceive of this is creation - creating happens as we consider expansive ideas. It’s not a big mystery once we begin to entertain, even for a moment, that who we are is far more than what we’ve been taught. Evidence takes on a new form as this evolution finds clarity and assurance in the sense of truth rather than proof visible from the outside. We can each connect with this realm beyond souls to create wellness, harmony. 

At one time it was possible to access this realm and create for something other than life. Many created chaos. Powerful beings have used this awareness to create domination, overpowerment, manipulation and fear. Many more are now aware of their ability to create though, on any level. Many more are creating for harmony and for lightness of being. The heart-light of a few creating for the wellness of all is much more powerful than outdated attempts to control the masses through the suggestion of powerlessness. Life wants to live. 

Many have walked the planet as masters of their awareness and energy, deliberately working at the highest levels of consciousness to remedy and adjust what the miscreants put into place for their own grandeur. These expansive beings have lived and worked largely unacknowledged. Some have worked within the familiar societal systems, some sequestered. I’m sharing this to remind you that humanity has your back. 

Today the consciousness of humanity is creating for the wellness of the planet on large scales. It’s main-stream, although you might have to look around to recognize it. Water Protectors, renewable energy, dissolving of gender barriers, the suggestion that war is no longer necessary…all of these are evidence of creation for the wellness of all. Recognition only expands and accelerates the wellness. 

Creation is only a mystery when it’s stuffed into a context designed for control. That passionate movement of the heart is one of the greatest creative forces we have. This movement is so innate, so natural, and now more than ever, so appreciated. 

Let your heart be moved. Know that this is creation happening. Let the heart show you the way to harmony. Wellness follows through for all.