A Way To Be And Become

Tools For An Awakening World provide ways to access your innate, expansive connection to the levels of Creation where humanity is already working as a whole. Your unique expression, your unique awareness, your unique Presence are the greatest contribution you can possibly bring to all that you do. 

Tools For An Awakening World also provide you with a guidance system to share with others immediately. The Tools exclude no other modality or teaching, and in fact, this level of awareness and consciousness open the way for every other teaching and tool to become more potent, more valuable. The idea is not to create a bunch of facilitators who wield the Tools as the next latest and greatest self-help shtick...the idea is to empower each and every person who comes into contact with this level of awareness to know their own connection and their own innate ability to embody their highest levels of Creator Essence. 

The TOOLtorials are created in this way because at some point, you will outgrow these tools as your basic "kit" and begin creating your own. You will integrate these levels of consciousness and begin seeing yourself express in new ways, with new levels of awareness and confidence, new levels of your own Integration. You'll know it because you'll feel it. And you'll see all around you how the outside world can not help but respond to You being and becoming more of You. 

Ultimately, this being and becoming is the greatest facilitative Presence. Every member of humanity is on the journey back to the heart. Step onto the fast track for your clients, your family, and ultimately your Self as we all walk each other home to the heart. The further you go, the further I go, the further we all go. 

And what a beautiful world this is!