Creating Beyond The Mind

The true instrument of creating and manifesting is the heart. 

A mind can only know what it has experienced. This mind is not the same mind that was present in a previous lifestream - information from other incarnations is available, but not through the mental levels. What we can feel and know from other incarnations is information delivered through dimensions. A Mind can interpret that information to make it relevant in the world where we are now, but the mind is not creating the what it's interpreting. 

That's why, when we are willing to expand beyond what we've known before, we give the mind a job that gives it new information in a way that is absent of fear, absent of threat, absent of the need to survive - we have it watch the sensations of the body. 

A mind finds and generates fear in response to an active egoic system that produces uncontrolled charges in this direction, that direction, this is good, that's bad, this is this, that is that. The egoic weather to a mind without the proper information can seem like a hopeless sea of inadequacy. 

Still, somehow, even within all of that uncertainty, we still have things to do each day. We still have others to interact with. Food still presents (for most), ways to assist one another, the beauty of nature sings perpetually. These are all manifestations of your heart collectively with the hearts of all Humanity continuing to walk forward and assist one another home. 

Manifesting with the mind and emotions has been taught for many years. That system will still function, but watch as the manifestations come faster and quicker, how quickly are we again searching for what we think we want? 

The mind can absolutely expand upon that beauty and put focus on the next creation, the next house, the next car or relationship. Yet, it is still the heart emanating, always connected with the Universe that provides the true nourishment for any ideal to come into form. 

Tune into the movement of your own heart-center through the body. Let your awareness be with the sensations of that movement. Play with making that awareness your priority and then just go enjoy your day, whatever the tasks are. Watch. Watch how consciousness finds you, meets you and begins to present you with new opportunities, new awareness, new outcomes, simply because You are happening with greater congruency. You are happening with greater amplitude. You are happening at perpetually higher frequencies, and You are welcome! You'll know it because you'll feel it.