Eagle And Flounder, a parable

Flounder sits on the open rock and looks from one side of its head. Flounder sees the light and wonders where am I.

Flounder wiggles his body and flops off the rock. He lands on the next rock down and feels satisfied for a moment. Flounder knows that water is just below because he wants water. But he cannot see it because his eyes are on one side of his head.

Flounder wiggles his body again and flops down to the next rock. He smells the moss and smells the water, and he knows.

He looks up and sees eagle flying above. He is not afraid of eagle because he knows that he will soon be in water. He wiggles his body again. Wiggles and wiggles, and he feels the spray of water touch the edges of his fins. He knew the water was there even though he could not see it. He trusted his trust.

Eagle watches flounder wiggle and thinks what an easy meal flounder would be. But noble eagle also sees flounderʼs trust and watches the story, watches as flounder knows, watches as he comes closer and closer to the water. Eagle circles above, rejoicing as flounder fulfills his drama of knowing and wiggles into the water. With bliss and fulfillment, flounder swims through the water toward the bottom where he is most suited, where his eyes serve him best and he can see what lives above.

Eagle can no longer see flounder and flies away with good feelings having watched total knowing  embodied by flounder with eyes on one side of his head.

On the floor of the water, flounder forgets all about being on the rock out of the water and resumes being flounder on the bottom of the water, looking up with both eyes on one side of his head.