The Love That Holds The World Together

It's not just an art installment, although it is an art installment. 

There's a reason why this concept of love is everywhere. It's because it's everywhere. It doesn't stop just because a few are focused on "business" or "politics" or "family" or "war" or "peace". Its effects remain perpetual. 

A tangible field of substantive awareness exists. You can feel it. Even while doing business. 

There is nothing in the way, and the only way to know is to explore your courage to feel. Unfamiliar though it might be, you have the ability. 

Don't try to sit still and wait to feel it, just go out and live life. Do business. Do politics. Do family. Do peace. Do war, if that's what calls to you. Stay in motion, because that is what love is - in motion. That is where it's felt. Two or more of any species in motion, in the physical world, moving through, and as and because of love. Unfamiliar though it might be, this is what makes it possible to share life.