The Truth Is Speaking, And Its Audience Is Growing

Humanity has been trained to pay attention only when the conflict and drama exceed a certain level. For example, "business" is trained to generate solutions based on "pain points." People are trained to look for pain and drama in order to interact with one another, to provide "valuable" remedies and solutions. Value has been defined by the capacity to identify pain and overcome it, an interaction which requires pain to function and perpetuates drama to generate "value". In effect, it is drama that has been given all the power to determine what is valuable and what is not.

With people's hearts craving companionship and camaraderie, love and welcoming, consider how unfamiliar it is for most to sit together and simply enjoy each others' presence without any drama! A lot of people think they have to smoke something to get to that state of being when truly it's the most natural state of being we can be.

As the truth continues to be shown, humanity is creating the space for a new way of being, one that is guided by a sense of harmony rather than conflict or drama - everyone is thirsty for a new way of being, which is why so many are now interested in the truth! There is space now for humanity to be guided into a different awareness and given tools and support to realize how life functions without conflict as the primary impetus. Conflict can be addressed, not ignored or denied, but certainly no longer given the highest seat in the council. The natural world already provides the model, it's just a matter of creative application. Application is beginning as the reality of geometry, physics, the sciences and the natural world are being recognized as inseparable from consciousness, health and flourishing resources.

But there is a difference between fighting for something and simply revealing the truth. Offense and defense invite fighting, no matter if you're fighting for peace, opinion, power, the environment or the truth. The truth lives without conflict and speaks for itself...and now, more than ever, its audience is growing. 

Kerri LakeComment